PointsBet NY Sportsbook Vs The Other NY Online Sports Betting Apps

Written By Ian St. Clair on January 27, 2022
PointsBet NY sports betting app

New York online sports bettors now get to live their “bet life.”

The catchphrase coined by former NFL quarterback Drew Brees sums up the PointsBet NY Sportsbook to prospective bettors. And what they’ll experience when they play on the sportsbook.

PointsBet is now the sixth NY online sports betting app to launch and take wagers in the state. And while some of the bettors have heard the name, it’s not yet in the same class as DraftKings, FanDuel or BetMGM, to name a few.

Though the sportsbook that got its start in Australia is making the trek on the summit of the major players in US sports betting.

Since some may not know much about PointsBet, this story aims to give New York sports bettors an idea of what to expect from the latest app to join the NY sports betting party. From how it compares to the other apps and what the difference is between them to why bettors should take the plunge and download the PointsBet New York app, this story has you covered — and an exclusive sign-up offer from PointsBet.

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As we’ve said before, yes, bettors should download and sign up for multiple sports betting apps.

That allows you to get the excellent promos that each is offering but also gives you the chance to shop for the best value. This is what is called “line shopping.” If a New York online sports bettor only has one app, you’re at the mercy of that sportsbook and the lines they give you. Take the time to research the lines and find the best value before placing your bets.

Now that we got that public NY online sports betting announcement out of the way, let’s dive into the PointsBet NY app and see how it stacks up with the competition in the Empire State. Based on the first nine days of sports betting in the state, however, it’s going to be a tough road to crack the top four sportsbooks.

PointsBet vs DraftKings

The only thing keeping PointsBet from the same class as DraftKings NY Sportsbook is name recognition.

That will change in New York, obviously. But there’s really nothing DraftKings does exponentially better than PointsBet at this point.

The PointsBet app is just as easy to use and navigate.

The lines are comparable.

The odds boosts and promos are similar, though DraftKings does offer more of them.

The customer service is strong at both sports betting apps.

All of that is to say you should use both New York online sports betting apps.

PointsBet vs FanDuel

Not to beat a dead horse, but the same holds true with FanDuel Sportsbook NY.

The same game parlays are similar but both are easy to use and offer a ton of options.

The one thing PointsBet does that neither DraftKings nor FanDuel do is the booster on parlays of three legs or more. If you create at least a three-leg parlay at PointsBet, the sportsbook boosts your odds even higher. Keep in mind, parlays are riskier since each leg must hit.

Similar to DraftKings, FanDuel does offer more odds boosts and promos, but the value for both is strong.

The other factor bettors want to know about is fast payouts, and PointsBet is super quick when it comes to placing your winnings in your account. It’s on par with both FanDuel and DraftKings in that regard.

And since we haven’t mentioned it yet, there’s PointsBetting.

What is PointsBetting?

This is where your wins or losses aren’t determined until the end of the game. From total points or yards, to individual performances, the more you’re right on your prediction, the more you win. Conversely, the more you’re wrong, the more you lose.

How PointsBetting works

If your bet wins by one point, you win 1x your amount.

If your bet wins by 10 points, you win 10x your stake.

But all of that holds true for when you’re wrong.

If your bet loses by one or 10 points, you lose by one or 10 points.

It’s a fun to way to bet on sports in New York, but it’s also a little bit riskier.

Again, you can’t go wrong with either app, so download them both.

PointsBet vs BetMGM

Where PointsBet takes the lead over BetMGM NY Sportsbook is the ease of use and navigation of the app.

The PointsBet app is also smoother and less buggy.

In terms of actual betting, the two sportsbooks are very similar.

Extensive betting catalogs and good lines, and the same game parlays offer a lot of good options.

Really, when sportsbooks are this similar, it comes down to personal flavor and what you like.

For bettors new to both sportsbooks, try them out, take advantage of the promos and see what you think.

PointsBet vs Caesars

At this point, everyone under the sun knows about the issues that Caesars NY Sportsbook is having. From payout delays to a lack of customer service, the first weeks in New York are going less than caesarly for Caesars from a customer-relations standpoint.

Needless to say, bettors in New York will like to know that PointsBet offers great customer service with a live chat option that is fast and seamless. The reps are quick to respond and are incredibly helpful.

As for payouts, as noted above, PointsBet is super fast after the bet closes to get winnings into your account. The sportsbook is also fast when it comes to getting withdrawals into your bank account, depending on the option you choose to use.

The betting catalogs are similar, just like with the other New York sports betting apps.

Where Caesars is better than PointsBet is the promos, if you can look past the other issues right now.

PointsBet vs BetRivers

Where these two New York apps are similar is trying to join the big names of US sports betting.

PointsBet is closer than BetRivers Sportsbook New York just based on the complete package. But again, that’s a personal preference.

BetRivers New York Sportsbook offers solid promotions, an attractive interface, a wide variety of boosts and bets, and a 1x playthrough for bonus money that should become the industry standard. BetRivers is an accessible option for the casual gambler and for those who want to line shop.

If you want an app that competes with the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel, PointsBet is the way to go. Whether New York bettors actually test out the app remains to be seen.

Final word

PointsBet is no doubt one of the relative unknowns when it comes NY online sports betting.

But the customer service, ease of use and navigation of the app, quick payouts and extensive betting catalog will force New York sports bettors to take a look at the latest addition to the New York sports betting market.

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