The State Of New York Sports Betting – White Paper

New York has had legal sports betting since 2019, but only at physical sportsbooks. That will all change soon, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers reached an agreement on the authorization of mobile betting apps in the Empire State. After a legislative battle over a lottery model and a casino-based open market model, the lottery model won out and is now law.

Prior to the legalization of Cuomo’s lottery model, the team at PlayNY took a deep dive into the options for NY online sports betting.

PlayNY took an in-depth look at what could have been for NY sports betting in a white paper. What began as a comparison of the two models is now a barometer for how the New York sports betting industry measures up to its potential.

Topic covered include:

  • How New York has underperformed with only in-person sports wagering.
  • A look at the legal back and forth between Cuomo and legislators
  • The legal issues at play in the New York sports betting market
  • The opportunity in terms of revenue and total betting activity
  • What other states have done with sports betting legalization

Read the full NY sports betting white paper below:


Here is the executive summary of the white paper.


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