The State Of New York Sports Betting – White Paper

New York has legal sports betting, but only at physical sportsbooks. The state has been contemplating how and if to legalize online betting since the fall of the federal ban in 2018, but has failed to do so.

PlayNY has taken an in-depth look at all of the issues related to sports wagering in the state in a white paper:

  • How New York has underperformed with only in-person sports wagering.
  • The proposed legalization efforts in the state from the legislature and the governor’s office.
  • The legal issues at play as New York contemplates legalization.
  • The opportunity in terms of revenue and total betting activity.
  • Who the major players are likely to be in a legal online sports betting market.
  • What other states have done with sports betting legalization.

Read the full NY sports betting white paper below:


Here is the executive summary of the white paper.


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