NY Online Casinos With Best Payouts 2024

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When people are choosing an online casino, payout options are among the most important factors. Consider the games with the best payout percentages and the online casinos with the fastest payouts when it comes time to withdraw.

What is a casino game payout percentage?

Everyone likes to win, but we all understand that when it comes to casino games, the “house” generally has at least some edge in every game. That said, some real money games feature more of a house edge than others. Games with less of a house edge offer a higher payout percentage to players. This percentage is often described as a game’s RTP or return to player percentage.

How to find a game’s payout percentage

Some games have a particular RTP built into them thanks to the difference between your odds of winning and the payouts or pay tables the games use.

Roulette, for example, is a game that features different payouts for different kinds of bets. But in almost all cases, the payouts end up giving the house the same edge of 5.26% (for American or double-zero roulette). That’s also true of games like craps and baccarat. The odds are fixed, as are the payouts, and the difference between the two is what creates a house edge and the game’s RTP percentage.

For example, in American roulette, when you bet on red, you have a 47.37% chance of winning (18 out of 38), while the house wins 52.63% of the time (20 out of 38). If the payout for winning corresponded exactly to the odds, the house would have no edge. But the payout is 1-to-1 (even money), which means the house enjoys exactly a 5.26% edge, making the player’s RTP total 94.74%.

Meanwhile, games like blackjack, video poker and other card-based table games have fixed odds and payouts. Still, the player’s skill level can affect the house edge. More skilled players generally enjoy a better payout percentage than less skilled ones.

Slots are a little different. Their RTP is generally set in the programming. But for those, the online casino will usually display the RTP for each game along with other information about the game’s features.

Future best payout casinos in NY

New York hasn’t yet introduced legal real money online casinos. However, the state has legal online sportsbooks and appears poised to add NY online casinos relatively soon. Once that happens, people will have the opportunity to enjoy online roulette and online blackjack in NY for real money, in addition to other popular casino games, including NY slots online. When considering which sites will launch in New York, we can look to those operators of NY online sportsbooks that already have online casinos up and running in nearby New Jersey.

Here’s a quick look at five online casinos that fit those criteria. Listed below are the online casinos, the fastest payout options at each (and expected time to withdraw), plus the online casino’s most popular game and its RTP percentage.

Online CasinoMost popular casino game ( and RTP%)Fastest payout methodPayout Time
BetMGM CasinoMGM Grand Millions (slot) — 91.81% (or 94.81% if counting 3% progressive jackpot contribution for each losing spin)BetMGM Play+ Prepaid CardFrom immediately to 24 hours
BetRivers CasinoBonanza Megaways (slot) — 96%BetRivers Play+ Prepaid CardImmediately
Caesars Casino88 Fortunes (slot) — 96%Caesars Play+ Prepaid CardFrom immediately to 24 hours
DraftKings CasinoDraftKings Baseball Blackjack (table game) — 99.5% (if played using basic blackjack strategy)Debit Card24 hours
FanDuel CasinoCash Eruption (slot) — 96%FanDuel Play+ Prepaid CardFrom 1 to 24 hours

As you can see, the most popular online casino games aren’t always the ones with the highest RTP percentages. For example, MGM Grand Millions at BetMGM Casino has a relatively low RTP. But the game does have high volatility (discussed below) and affords a chance to win a huge progressive jackpot, which makes the game a favorite among players.

Understanding RTP (return to player) percentage

As described above, a casino game’s RTP or return to player percentage is essentially the opposite of the house edge. A game with a 5% house edge would have an RTP of 95%.

Online slots have a predetermined RTP percentage built into the software. That said, over a particular period of play, the actual RTP might be higher or lower than the designed RTP. Slots also each have a certain level of volatility that can affect how closely the actual RTP comes to the designed RTP. As mentioned above, sometimes a game with a low RTP might have relatively high volatility. This, in turn, can make the game more popular than it would be otherwise.

What does RTP percentage mean?

The return to player percentage is best understood as an average expected result. Also, understand that a game’s RTP percentage indicates what a player can expect to win over the long term. Don’t make the mistake of thinking RTP refers to your chance of winning the game each time you play. It refers to how much money you can expect to win while playing the game over a large sample size.

A game with a 95% RTP would let you win an average of $95 for every $100 you spend on the game. That’s a loss over the long term, but that doesn’t mean you won’t sometimes come away a winner.

Obviously, games with higher RTP percentages are more advantageous to the player than those with low RTP percentages. You can win or lose at both, but over the long term, you’re more likely to do better at games with higher RTP percentages.

What games offer the best online casino payouts?

The best casino payouts can vary depending on the specific game you are playing. It’s worth noting that online casinos are required to display the payout rates for their games, and you can typically find this information in the game rules or on the casino’s website.

Best payout slot machines

Across the different online casinos, there are certain slots known to feature especially high RTP percentages. The average slots RTP is usually around 96%, but here are some slot titles for which the RTP percentage exceeds that average:

Game NameRTP%Best Casino to Play
Blood Suckers (NetEnt)98%FanDuel Casino
Starmania (NextGen Gaming)97.87%BetMGM Casino
White Rabbit Megaways97.72%DraftKings Casino
Medusa Megaways97.63%BetMGM Casino
Dead or Alive II96.82%BetRivers Casino

Best payout table games

When it comes to table games, some feature a high RTP percentage, and some have a low one with a relatively high house edge. Here’s a table showing some of the most popular table games at online casinos and their RTP percentages:

Table GamesRTP %Best Casino to Play
Video Poker (Jacks or Better)99.5% (or higher)BetMGM Casino
Blackjack98.0 to 99.5%Caesars Casino
Baccarat98.4 to 98.8%BetMGM Casino
Ultimate Texas Hold’em97.8%Unibet Casino
European Roulette (Single-Zero)97.3%Bally Casino
Three Card Poker96.6%BetMGM Casino
Let It Ride96.5%WynnBET Casino
American Roulette (Double-Zero)94.74%FanDuel Casino
Craps84.0 to 99.0%BetRivers Casino

Note that with some of these table games, player decisions (and skill level) can greatly affect the RTP percentage. You can only really enjoy that high RTP in blackjack, for example, if you play correctly. The same goes for other games like Let It Ride. If you always bet the 3 Card Bonus (for which the house edge is double), your RTP % is necessarily going down.

In roulette, there is no skill. That said, in American Roulette, you can avoid the basket bet, which has a much lower RTP of 92.1% than all the other roulette bets. Similarly, when playing craps, if you are always betting on Yo-Leven (with an RTP of 88.9%) or Any 7 (with a dismal RTP of 83.33%), you’re much more likely to lose than if you stick with the standard pass and come line bets.

Fastest paying casinos

Online casino players are not only interested in games with high RTP percentages. When bettors win, they also want to be able to withdraw their winnings as fast as possible.

Most online casinos offer multiple ways to withdraw funds, with certain methods often being faster than others. Usually, there are more ways to deposit than to withdraw. One rule of thumb to follow is to find a favorite banking method and try to use that same method both for depositing and withdrawing. In fact, at some online casinos, you’ll find you can only withdraw using your deposit method.

Prepaid debit cards are often the fastest way to withdraw, although services like PayPal and even bank transfers can be quick as well. In states where the online casino is affiliated with a land-based partner, you can usually withdraw funds in person at the casino cage, too.

For an overview of the different online casino banking methods and tips about how to find the fastest paying casinos, check our guide to the fastest payout casinos for NY players.

Best payout online casinos overview

Different factors affect whether you will win at an online casino and how quickly you can claim those winnings. Always research online casinos before signing up. Learn about withdrawal methods and how quickly you can access your funds. Also be aware of which games tend to feature higher RTP percentages when seeking out the best online casinos that payout in New York.

Online casino best payout FAQs

Another way of phrasing that question would be to ask which online casino has the most games with high RTP percentages. You will find much similarity among the licensed real money online casinos. Sites like Caesars, FanDuel, and BetMGM generally top the lists of best payout casinos thanks to their selection of games featuring high RTPs.

Legal and licensed online casinos actually don’t directly control payouts in their slot games, although they do exercise some control. Casinos get to choose what games they want to offer. That means they can decide exactly what slots, what table games, and what other types of gambling games they will feature.

Slots developers adjust the RTP % when creating the games, and gaming regulators also set legal requirements on those payout percentages. That means in jurisdictions where real money online casinos are legal, you shouldn’t encounter slots with ridiculously low RTP percentages. Of course, you will find some slots have higher percentages than others.

Understand, though, that an online casino cannot go in and change the RTP percentage for a particular game on its own. That can only be done in cooperation with both the game developers and gaming commissions that regulate the games.

This question is related to the previous one, inspired by thoughts of an online casino perhaps rigging games to pay out more or less at different times. Truth be told, there are no particular days on which you are more likely to win at online casinos. Nor is there a particular time of day (e.g., morning, evening, late night) when you’re more likely to win when playing online slots, video poker, or other casino games. You might find sites online claiming otherwise, but those sites are simply passing along urban myths.

It is true that online casinos pay out more when there is more traffic on the site, simply because the higher volume of play translates into more winnings. But the rate of success among the players doesn’t actually change.

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