English Premier League Could Boost New York Sports Betting Offerings When Casinos Reopen

Written By Derek Helling on May 12, 2020
english premier league

Whenever New York’s casinos open their doors again, the English Premier League might help them resume sports betting operations successfully. The United Kingdom’s most popular club men’s soccer fixture might resume play soon.

On Monday, government officials in the UK gave the EPL the green light to resume play. While there’s no official schedule yet, some of the league’s 20 clubs could be back on the pitch as soon as June 1. For NY bettors, that could be a great thing.

The details on the English Premier League plan to resume

It looks as though the EPL might finish its 2019-20 season, albeit in altered form. The government only gave clearance to resume play without spectators physically in attendance. It also imposed testing standards for all personnel.

That element, the success of testing and tracing, might determine whether the league plays all of the 92 matches remaining on its schedule. Several players, including three for Brighton, have already tested positive for coronavirus ahead of a possible return to the pitch.

If the virus spreads quickly, the government might force another suspension or an outright cancellation. As it stands right now, the EPL has announced no plans to resume play. The 20 clubs must still vote on a plan to resume and, provided that vote goes well, the league must draw up a new schedule.

It’s still uncertain whether the remaining matches will take place in the venues originally planned upon. On top of that, there’s no guarantee that all clubs will be ready to resume play at the same time. Government approval is really only the first step in this process.

Regardless, it’s great news for soccer fans around the world. Bundesliga, the equivalent of the EPL in Germany, will resume playing this Saturday. If that goes well, government officials in Italy and Spain could give clearance for Serie A and La Liga to resume.

That could help New York’s sportsbooks have a wide array of soccer events to offer action upon when casinos open their doors again. There could be some great opportunities for clever bettors in such markets, but bettors should approach them with a clear head.

How betting on Bundesliga, the EPL and others could help New York

Simply put, Bundesliga and EPL matches could be the biggest sporting events in the world soon. As of right now, there are no plans for the NBA or the NHL to resume their seasons or for MLB to begin its 2020 campaign.

In such a void, Bundesliga and the EPL could shine. NY sportsbooks could not only offer a lot of varied action on the matches but form new promotional campaigns around those markets as well. In short, it may be the best time ever to be a soccer bettor.

There is some uncertainty around these matches, however. It’s hard to tell how rusty athletes and clubs might be. Additionally, predicting how playing in empty stadiums might affect matches is difficult right now. There’s another big variable bettors should watch out for.

Should government forces suspend play again, that could affect some bettors’ wagers. Bettors should never assume that sportsbook operators will refund wagers in that case. Bettors need to check with sportsbooks on their policies regarding such situations before placing their bets.

The return of Bundesliga and the EPL could be a welcome assist to a New York sports betting industry that needs every dollar of handle it can get. These unique circumstances may create a situation in which it’s the ideal time for New Yorkers to get their kicks betting on soccer.

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