Confusion, Frustration Around Caesars Sportsbook’s Promotion Shows It’s Wise To Read Fine Print

Written By Mike Mazzeo on January 12, 2022
New York Sports Betting App Promo Terms

The New York online sports betting boom has brought many new players to the arena.

And with those new players has come an influx of sign-ups for promotions and free play.

Of course, it’s important for players to read the fine print that comes with those promotions.

And it’s just important for operators to provide clear language so that confused players aren’t taking their frustrations to Reddit threads with growing posts about similar issues.

One example of this disconnect concerns the $300 bonus for NY bettors from Caesars Sportsbook.

Confusion surrounds Caesars NY launch offer

No, you can’t just sign up with Caesars New York, collect the $300 and cash out.

Here’s what it says in Caesars’ terms and conditions:

  1. Participants must make at least one deposit before they can withdraw any winnings from the $300 bonus.
  2. Participants must wager through their bonus amounts one time to unlock their account for withdrawals.

Users went back and forth trying to figure things out. This exchange provided a clearer picture:

One frustrated Caesars’ bettor I interacted with on Twitter wrote the following:

FanDuel did a better job. They gave out $100 in bonuses, I made a $10 deposit, made some winning bets and cashed out $125. No hoops to jump through.

How to claim Caesars NY offer — and how to use

It’s not just about how to claim the sign-up bonus through Caesars Sportsbook. It’s how to go about using the bonus. And then how to withdraw any winnings.

Here’s how to sign up for the Caesars promo:

  1. Download the Caesars Sportsbook NY app.
  2. Sign up with your personal information.

There. Signed up. Now, about that sign-up offer, which new users can claim by clicking the banner above.

  1. Read the fine print on all promotions.
  2. You must make an initial deposit to be eligible (with 100% match up to $3,000) in order to withdraw any winnings from the $300 bonus.
  3. You must play through your entire $300 bonus to be eligible for a withdrawal.
  4. If you click withdraw, it will say not allowed until you use your bonus funds. These are tracked under “my bonus,” which will show how much you’ve wagered until hitting the $300 amount and being eligible for a withdrawal.

Sportsbooks in New York are incentivized to provide promotions and free play to get new bettors through the door, in hopes of keeping them around. But in a rush to jump into the action, many bettors have been left confused and frustrated by what they expected to be easy gains that turned out to be anything but.

Better for NY sportsbooks to iron out kinks now

An industry expert did tell PlayNY that the language used by operators on rollover promotions in New York is the same as it is in other states – even if the dollar figures on promos are different.

The problem with these issues is that it could turn bettors off altogether or send them back to what they were doing before turning to legal online sports betting – wagering illegally through their bookie via credit or a smoother off-shore operator.

This is why NY online sportsbooks want to launch as early as possible so they can iron out the kinks. While it’s frustrating for bettors now, it beats having this happen the week of the Super Bowl or when the Bills are playing.

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