Need A Gift Idea For A Buffalo Bills Fan? We’ve Got You Covered

Written By Grant Lucas on December 8, 2022 - Last Updated on February 6, 2024
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The holidays have arrived, finally catching up to the six feet of snow western New York accumulated a few weeks ago.

On top of that, the Buffalo Bills have returned to the top of the AFC and as NY sports betting favorites to win the franchise’s first Super Bowl.

Nostalgic, in a way, 30 years after Buffalo began its run of four straight trips to the big game. A new generation of fans now enjoy this run of success. While that Lombardi Trophy would certainly prove the ultimate gift, that obviously won’t come until February.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find the next-perfect holiday gift for Buffalo Bills fans.

GoSports Inflataman Football Challenge

While tailored for the younger generation, don’t believe for a second that adults can’t take advantage of this backyard/tailgate game.

The GoSports Inflataman Football Challenge stands six feet tall at full inflation and comes with four rubber footballs, a pump and a scoreboard. After setup, compete against one another to determine who is the best quarterback.

A great gift for young kids looking to hone their passing skills. For adults looking to prove that they were all-district in high school before plantar fasciitis ended their careers. Or, for the snarky gift-givers, for QB Josh Allen to work on not throwing costly, ill-advised interceptions.

Who’s The Man Football Edition

Is there anything better in life than knowing trivia better than anyone else? Than dropping a random piece of knowledge that leaves people thinking equal parts “that’s impressive” and “what a useless factoid”?

With the Who’s The Man? Football Edition, you can do just that with the Bills franchise.

Through this game, you can get to know your Buffalo Bills history and instill some knowledge during games:

“Wow, Josh Allen with another touchdown pass. All that time spent on a 3,000-acre cotton farm in California before going on to play at Reedley really paid off.”

Strikeforce Bowling Officially Licensed Bowling Ball

For the avid bowler or the avid Bills Mafia member.

Forwarning: The Strikeforce Bowling Officially Licensed NFL Buffalo Bills bowling ball comes undrilled. So you will have to fit finger holes to size once received. Or, for those diehard Bills fans, don’t even worry about fitting them.

Because let’s face it, when it comes to Bills Mafia, the ball isn’t for bowling. Rather, it’s one of the many traditions of Buffalo fandom that has no real reason behind it.

Fill the holes up with your, let’s call it, beverage of choice. Take your shot, then drop the ball and move on to the next Bills fan gift idea.

Windy City Novelties Collapsible Vuvuzela

As per Bills Mafia tradition, once your bowling ball shot is complete, you drop the ball then grab the World Cup-ian vuvuzela, or in this case the Windy City Novelties World Cup Collapsible Stadium Horn.

Once procured, let out the patented blare.

No one knows why this is a staple of Bills Mafia fandom. But also, no one cares why. It’s simply tradition.

Buffalo Bills NFL Mini Portable Table

What kind of Bills fandom list would this be without the renowned folding table?

While the team has officially outlawed table slamming, the tradition lives on with Bills fans.

The Picnic Time NFL Concert Mini Portable Table is certainly not a “regulation size” folding table, standing less than a foot off the ground. But it’s thought that counts. And if your recipient does feel so compelled to slam, it won’t be as painful, although the aluminum frame may leave a mark or two.

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