Table Tennis Odds

Table tennis odds are widely available at most online sportsbooks and betting interest is going strong. There’s plenty to learn about table tennis betting online, so see below for all you need to know.

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How to bet on table tennis in NY

If you’re new to the betting game and are looking to get in on the table tennis action, the good news is that it’s quite easy to get started. All you need is to create and fund a new NY online sportsbook account. Here’s how.

  • Click on one of our links next to the sportsbook of your choice.
  • Fill out all required fields during registration (name, email, home address, phone number, etc.).
  • Deposit into your new account and receive your welcome bonus.
  • Download the app for the online sportsbook you just signed up for.
  • Sign in and begin wagering.

After completing the process, you will receive email confirmation verifying your registration. Be sure to check that your account balance reflects the welcome bonus (if you received one).

Once you’ve created your new account, you can search among all available sports and scroll down to table tennis, where you will be able to choose from a range of matches and betting markets.

In order to play, users must be 21 years of age or older. When placing bets, you must be within NY state lines. This will be verified by the legal shops with geolocation software.

How does table tennis work?

It may seem confusing at first, but fortunately, table tennis is actually a pretty easy game to understand. Even though the rules and scoring are different, the game is played a bit like tennis in the sense that one player serves and the other must return the ball. When a player misses the table, hits the ball into the net or cannot return the ball from the other side, the other player scores a point.

The most common league available to bet on at online sportsbooks is Moscow Liga Pro (Russia), and it has a pretty simple set of rules. A match is a best-of-five series, with the first player to win three games being declared the winner. Each game is a race to 11 points, and to win a game, the player must win by two. This means that games can extend far beyond 11 points if the scoring margin remains one point or tied.

Each player gets to serve for two consecutive points before the other player gets a chance. The only time this changes is when the match gets beyond 11 points and players get only one serve each until one player is down by one and facing a match point. In this situation, the losing player gets possession of the serve.

Most matches, even if they go the maximum five sets, don’t take any longer than a half hour to complete and can sometimes be much shorter. For the bettor who doesn’t want to watch a full three-hour sporting event, table tennis is the perfect time-sensitive option.

We’d recommend watching a match before wagering on one, and when you do take a look at how the game works; it becomes pretty simple to understand the scoring and how the game is played.

Table tennis betting explained

When it comes time to wager on table tennis, bettors will find a range of bets to choose from. There are fewer options than mainstream sporting events in the United States, but still enough for there to be some variety. Regardless of what you choose to bet on, most markets can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Match lines
  • Match props
  • Game props
  • Points props
  • Live betting

While some table tennis betting markets are the same everywhere, some options are exclusive to a certain sportsbook. And depending on the site, the options could be laid out quite differently as well, although with some experience, none of this will be an issue. Even if you’ve never placed a bet on table tennis before, if you have an understanding of how moneylines, spreads, totals and props work in other sports, you will be able to quickly catch on.

Table tennis match lines and props

Betting on match lines in table tennis is exactly what it sounds like, as these markets have to do with odds pertaining to the whole match. The most popular and easiest to understand of these is the moneyline, for which we have an example from DraftKings Sportsbook in NY.

Table tennis betting at DK

As is the case with betting on any other sport, the moneyline is a wager on which side will win a match. The favorite has a negative number and the underdog has a positive number, with the potential risk and reward being easiest to understand if you keep it relative to the number 100. Betting favorites means risking the number on the moneyline to win $100 in profit, while taking underdogs could earn you the amount of the moneyline on a wager of $100.

In this case, a wager on Yaroslav Troyanov (the favorite) requires a $177 risk to win $100, or a $17.77 risk to win $10, etc. On the other side, betting on Anton Sirotkin (the underdog) means risking $100 to win $125, $10 to win $12.50, and so on.

In addition to the moneyline, bettors can also wager on the following:

  • Total points: Just like other sports, oddsmakers set a figure for the total number of points in the match, and bettors select over or under. This adds up the scores of all the games combined.
  • Exact games: This market involves selecting the exact number of games that will take place in the best-of-five match. There are a trio of options available (three, four or five games) and each comes with a pretty good payout.
  • Match point spread: This covers all games of the match combined, as opposed to individual games. Once you add up point totals from every game played in the match, that determines the spread winner. It’s possible for a player to lose a match but still cover the match point spread.
  • Exact match score (in games): In a five-game match, there are several combinations of how things can turn out. The possibilities for you to wager on are 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 for both sides.

Table tennis game and points props

Just as there are both standard lines and props for a full match, the same is true for individual games. There are actually far more betting options for individual games than there are for a table tennis match, and some are quite distinct. Take this example from BetMGM Sportsbook in NY, which we’ll explain in more detail below:

Table tennis betting at BetMGM

When it comes to betting on individual games and points, options include:

  • Individual game moneyline: On top of betting the moneyline for an entire match, you can wager on which side will win a specific game.
  • Total points in an individual game: What’s more specific than betting on the total points for a match? Betting over or under the point total for a game, of course!
  • Correct score: Try to predict an exact score for a game. With so many options, every single one comes with high odds and a large potential payout.
  • Game 1 winner: This is a pregame wager that involves picking the winner of the match’s initial game.
  • Game (or set) 1 and 2 winner: This wager combines the first two games and has three choices. You can choose either player to win both games, or select the third option of a split between the two players.
  • Game (or set) 2 and 3 winner: The same as above, but with the second and third games of a match instead of the first two.
  • Individual point winner: It goes even deeper than the games, as you can bet on the winner of each individual point. This is one of the many live betting options available.
  • Player total points in match: Not only can you wager on the total points, but you can break it down by individual player points for a given match.

Table tennis live betting

Live betting is an ever-growing part of the sports betting landscape and is popular across all sports. Table tennis is no exception, and depending on the sportsbook you’re using, there can be just as many (if not more) betting options during a match than before it. In fact, many of the markets in the above sections are available as live bets.

As you get into the minutiae of the match and start getting to game and point props, the markets get more and more creative. But it’s important to keep in mind that some of these options aren’t universal across all sportsbook platforms.

FanDuel Online Sportsbook, DraftKings, BetMGM, PointsBet and Caesars Sportsbook all have some kind of live betting options available, but because some of these markets vary from site to site, it will take a bit of research to learn what each site offers during the middle of a match.

On top of figuring out where exactly to find table tennis live betting markets of your choosing, keep in mind that this sport moves extremely fast. A single point takes just a few seconds, and before you know it, several points or an entire game can take place. Wagering on individual points and games requires being ready to fill a bet slip and press enter even more quickly than in other sports.

The great thing about live betting on table tennis is that there are plenty of opportunities to find good odds and potentially large payouts. If you’re looking for the most profitable markets, consider these:

  • Correct game score
  • Exact games in match
  • Game/match moneyline (on the player who is behind)

For those in search of instant gratification, betting on individual points is for you. If you don’t want to move at such a frenetic pace but still are interested in live wagering, consider betting on an individual game winner or the total points in a given game.

Top table tennis leagues to bet on

The governing body for all of the sport’s national associations is the International Table Tennis Federation, which recognizes six smaller federations representing each continent.

There are many leagues that take place all around the world at various times of year but the constant is Moscow Liga Pro (Russia), which has its betting lines available at a range of online sportsbooks in many different states. If you are betting on table tennis at a legal betting site in the United States, you are more than likely betting on Moscow Liga Pro or Setka Cup (Ukraine).

Top international and US table tennis stars

Table tennis has dozens of leagues around the world. As such, getting to the top and remaining there is a wildly difficult endeavor. Here are the players currently at the top of the ITTF world rankings for the men’s singles division:

  • Fan Zhendong (China)
  • Xu Xin (China)
  • Ma Long (China)

For the women’s singles division, here are the top-ranked players in the world according to the ITTF:

  • Chen Meng (China)
  • Sun Yingsha (China)
  • Ito Mima (Japan)

The United States has its own table tennis association and provides its own rankings. According to USA Table Tennis, here are the top-ranked players in the United States according to league rating:

  • Kanak Jha (California)
  • Xin Zhou (California)
  • Kai Zhang (New York)

Olympic table tennis betting

Considering the explosion in popularity of the sport in the United States, it’s becoming more and more likely that legal sportsbooks offer table tennis odds during the next Olympics, slated to take place in summer 2021 in Tokyo.

Whether these betting markets are available remains to be seen, but some potential wagers include:

  • Gold medal winner (team/individual)
  • Match lines/props
  • Game lines/props

Table tennis betting strategy

As is the case with betting on any sport, being a winning table tennis bettor requires more than just blindly filling out a bet slip and risking your money. Having a plan of action is the best way to open up opportunities for profits. Consider the following table tennis betting tips before risking your money:

1. Market/line shopping

If you belong to multiple sportsbooks, you can compare lines between them once you know what you want to wager on. It allows you to use the site that offers the most advantageous table tennis betting odds for the largest potential payout possible. Since not all sites have the same options available, this is also a sound strategy for finding your preferred markets.

2. Pre-match research

These athletes aren’t well known like NBA or NFL players in the United States, and the truth is, an educated table tennis wager requires research. Many matchups feature players who have gone head-to-head before, and checking on how the players stack up can go a long way toward deciding whom to bet on.

3. Live betting on underdogs

Live betting creates chances for profits, especially on players who are trailing early. If a player loses the first game of a match, that player’s odds will likely rise compared to the pregame line. Keep an eye out for inflated odds for players who may be behind on the scoreboard but have plenty of time to come back.

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