Same Game Parlay Betting in New York

As legal sports betting continues to grow in New York and elsewhere across the US, top online sportsbooks continue to look for ways to attract customers. Included on the list are same-game parlays, also known as single-game, or one-game parlays. You can tie together multiple wagers from the same game on a single betting slip. If you win, the returns can be fantastic, but there are risks involved, as well.

So where can you get in on the fun with same-game parlays? Any special rules you need to know? Are they really worth your time? We’ll cover the answers to those questions and more right here in this guide to same-game parlays.

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What is a same game parlay?

Parlays have long been an option at sportsbooks and remain incredibly popular. For a standard parlay, you’re putting together multiple wagers on the same betting slip, such as three-point spread bets from three separate NFL games.

If you’re right on all of your choices, you win. If you get just one selection wrong, however, you lose the entire parlay. As a result, betting on parlays is a high-risk, high-reward endeavor.

Same-game parlays have also been around for a while, but they’ve evolved tremendously in recent times. In years past, the main options involved combining only the most common types of bets. For example, you could make a same-game parlay for an NBA game by betting on the moneyline and the over/under for that contest.

More recently, however, online sportsbooks have been promoting same-game parlays extensively, and the options that you can include have also increased. You can now tie together various standard bets and props on the same ticket.

As with regular parlays, all of your choices have to be correct for you to win. It’s a risky wager, but the entertainment factor can be high. If you keep those things in mind, a single-game parlay may make sense for part of your overall betting strategy and budget.

Which sportsbooks offer SGP in New York?

Same-game parlays have technically been around for a while, albeit in a limited fashion. Many sportsbooks have allowed bettors to include a spread and total bet from the same contest on one slip, such as the New York Giants -3 plus over 45 points.

Expanding on that, the FanDuel app was the first online sportsbook to aggressively promote the possibilities. From there, many other books followed suit. Here are the top SGP sportsbooks in NY.

  • DraftKings Sportsbook NY: Boasting one of the slickest platforms in the business, the DraftKings app makes room for lots of options. SGPs are now one of the featured on-site offerings. 
  • FanDuel Sportsbook NY: Industry leader FanDuel was one of the first to draw attention to SGPs. The marketing push worked, and same-game parlays are now one of the most popular features at the sportsbook.
  • Caesars Sportsbook NY: Caesars has added SGPs to its host of betting choices. It also offers a popular rewards program for bettors to earn points.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook NY: BetMGM Sports refers to this option as a “one game parlay,” but it works the same as you’ll find elsewhere. There’s also a handy parlay builder on site and prebuilt combos to choose from.
  • BetRivers Sportsbook NY: BetRivers also puts together some game combos for bettors to start with, but you can make your own additions to build an SGP of anywhere from two to 12 legs.

Which sports are eligible for single-game parlays?  

Single-game parlays are generally limited to the major team-based sports. Offerings may expand in the future, but for now, you’ll tend to find them for the following:

Note that the exact options may vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. No matter where you play, you should see an SGP icon when it’s available, or options for building them once you click the main game listing.

What bets can you include in single-game parlays?  

While options continue to expand, sportsbooks still may block you from combining certain wagers. For example, DraftKings won’t let you combine a spread, moneyline and total from the same game on one slip, but FanDuel will. That can make things confusing, but each sportsbook will notify you on the slip if you can’t combine certain wagers.

As for the type of bets that are at your disposal, here are the ones you may be able to include:

  • Pregame lines — spreads, moneylines and totals
  • Props — player, team and game
  • Periods, halves, quarters and innings
  • Alternate lines

Using NFL betting as an example, one popular combo is a team to win the game outright plus a player from the same game to score a TD. In NBA betting, top options include the game’s leading scorer plus the winning side.

When you wager on a game and a prop separately, you give yourself even more rooting interest for that contest. If you combine those two bets on one ticket, the excitement can climb with the potential return, hence the popularity of SGPs.  

How many legs does a same game parlay have?

Just like a standard parlay, SGPs require a minimum of two legs. From there, the number of legs that you can include may depend on the sportsbook or specific game or event. At many books, the max is 10 to 12 legs.

That’s not the worst news in the world. For any parlay, the risk rises with every leg that you add to the ticket. While hitting a 10-leg parlay would lead to a stellar return, the chances of everything breaking just right are slim.

This isn’t meant to discourage you from placing these entertaining bets, but rather to remind you to keep your expectations in check and to wager responsibly. For one approach, consider trying to find consistency with SGPs of two to three legs, and treat larger ones as entertainment.

How to place a same game parlay at NY sportsbooks 

Top NY online sportsbooks will provide bettors with a generally seamless experience. From researching the lines to making deposits and placing wagers, you should be able to complete everything with ease. The same holds true for placing same-game parlays. Let’s walk through a step-by-step example of placing a FanDuel same game parlay.

FanDuel single game parlay

FanDuel lists upcoming NFL games in order by start time. Each listing shows lines for the main pregame bets. If you click “More wagers,” you will find additional betting options for each game. There’s also a clickable SGP icon in the lower left for each game.

FanDuel same game parlay

After clicking on that, you’ll arrive at a new screen where you can begin building your wager. For a quick example, we could choose a moneyline and total from the gamelines section plus a couple of player props. To add selections to your betting slip, just click on the betting odds that correspond with your selection.

FanDuel SGP bet slip

 Our four selections are now on the slip, so we simply have to add how much we want to bet and verify that everything is correct before placing the bet. If you want to delete an item, just select the minus sign. You can add and subtract more until you get the SGP you want.

What kind of returns can you expect from SGPs? 

The returns for winning single game parlays will depend on the odds when you placed the bet and how much you wagered. If we go back to our four-leg example from above, FanDuel offered the following odds for the bet:

SGP bet slip

At odds of +481, we’d win $48.12 for every $10 that we bet if all our picks ended up being correct. A $20 bet would stand to win $96.23, $50 would be at $240.58, etc. As the stakes and odds climb, so too does the potential return, but don’t be blinded by profits that are far from guaranteed.    

Multi-leg wagers are tough to hit, whether it’s a standard parlay bet that combines several games or an SGP with several selections from the same contest. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to win, but it does mean that budgeting and betting responsibly are crucial.

Examples of same game parlays

To further understand the single-game parlay concept, here are some more examples. This time, we’ll pivot over to DraftKings for a small two-leg SGP and a larger one. Let’s say you’ve been scouting the NHL betting schedule before placing your DraftKings same game parlay:

DraftKings same game parlay

After researching both games, you’re feeling a win for the Calgary Flames and a goal by Johnny Gaudreau is in order. You click on the SGP icon and start building it.

DraftKings SGP bet slip

If those two things happen, a simple $10 wager will bring back $45 in profits. Next, you switch over to the NBA to see what’s what with the upcoming games.

NBA game lines

The Milwaukee Bucks vs. Brooklyn Nets is a game you have had your eye on. You plan to sit back and enjoy the action anyway, so why not take your chances with an SGP? After you click the icon, you build the following wager:

NBA same game parlay

There’s a lot of moving pieces going on here, and the odds reflect that. If all six of these things come to pass, a winning $5 wager would pay a total profit of $180. That’s a phenomenal return, but it comes with the big caveat that you have to be right on all selections to win.

One of the cool things about having a legal online sportsbook at your fingertips is that you can run through various scenarios in advance of a game and view the potential payouts. Adding and removing selections from the betting slip is simple.

That said, just be careful that you don’t click submit before you’re ready. As with finding success at other forms of sports betting, you’ll have to do some legwork with SGPs, but that can be time well spent if you can get to the point where you can build some consistency.

Are SGPs worth it?  

The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a bet that’s easy to place, a great entertainment factor and the potential for large returns, then same-game parlays may be for you.

For those who are looking for a bet that’s easy to win consistently, you’ll likely want to keep looking, but we can say the same about virtually any other wager on the board. There are no shortcuts to success regardless of where you turn. That includes sports betting.

As for returns, SGPs offer the potential for a fantastic score from a small initial outlay. However, remember to temper your enthusiasm: You have to be right on all your selections to win, and that’s just not easy to do.

If you can keep your expectations in check, handle losing streaks, budget your funds so that you don’t drain your bankroll and wager responsibly, then SGPs may have a place in your overall betting strategy.

For those who assume they’re going to win every time they place a wager or who get dragged into chasing losses, SGPs are not for you. Bottom line — these are highly entertaining wagers, so do your best to keep it fun while shooting for consistency.

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