NFL Player Prop Odds

At online sportsbooks across the US, the NFL is the biggest game in town. Here in New York, bettors can now get in on the action with some of the best NY sports betting apps.

You can pick your winners on the moneyline, find your favorite spread picks or bet on the total score. And along with those options, NFL player props continue to grow in popularity and availability.

Today’s NFL Player Props

Search any NFL player below to see their current prop odds. Click on any odds to go directly to the sportsbook, claim the posted bonus, and get started.

Best NFL prop odds for NY sports bettors

Options abound for NFL bettors in New York these days. Check the list below for the top legal New York online sportsbooks that offer NFL prop odds.

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NFL prop betting explained

A prop bet is basically a side wager on an individual game or event. These props fall into a few major categories:

  • Game props: These are bets on something to do with the contest as a whole. You could, for instance, bet on whether there will be a safety in the game.
  • Team props: Bet on the performance of one of the teams or on comparisons between the two, such as which club will have more rushing yards.
  • Player props: Generally the most popular on the NFL prop betting menu, player props are wagers on the performances of individual players.

There’s plenty to love about the first two styles of prop betting on the above list, but we’ll be focusing on player props here. These bets can have elements in common with fantasy sports. Those with experience in that realm may have a natural entry point. For the average game, you’ll find dozens of player props to consider.

Where can you find NFL player props online in New York?

You won’t have any trouble finding NFL player props at legal NY sportsbooks. However, some sites just do it better than others. Here are some online books to check out:

  • DraftKings Sportsbook: At most online sportsbooks, you have to click on each game to find NFL player props. DraftKings saves you time by listing all of the possibilities for the entire slate with a clickable menu.
  • FanDuel Sportsbook: If you like betting on touchdowns, yardage or any other kind of NFL player prop, it’s here at FanDuel. The odds are competitive, and the app is super slick.
  • Caesars Sportsbook: Once you click on a game listing at Caesars, you’ll find a clear breakdown of all of the other available bets, including player props. There’s also a regular selection of promos for NFL games.
  • BetRivers Sportsbook: The platform is solid, and there’s a host of player props for each NFL game. As an added bonus, you can dig into some stats and analysis right on the site.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook: You’ll find some rare game and team props at BetMGM. On the player side, all of the options are front and center once you click on a game listing.
  • PointsBet Sportsbook: Props appear prominently at PointsBet along with all of the other standard NFL bets. There’s also the unique PointsBetting feature that can alter your return based on how right or wrong your bet was.

Placing an NFL prop bet online

When you visit your sportsbook of choice, the main betting lobby will list popular upcoming games and events. If you click on the NFL or football link, you can change the view to those upcoming games. Here’s how it looks at DraftKings:

You’ll see the standard three options of the spread, total and moneyline. To find props, just click one of the game listings. Also, at DraftKings specifically, there are clickable tabs to see various props and available options for the entire slate of games.

When you find something you like, just click the odds. The wager will move to your betting slip, where you’ll add how much you want to bet, verify the details and place the bet.

After you’ve placed it, the wager goes over to the pending bets section. You can keep your eye on it throughout the game. It’s a good idea to do so as you may see an early cash-out option if it looks as if your chosen player or players are going to hit the mark.

Are the odds fair for NFL player props?

When it comes to sports betting odds, fairness is in the eyes of the beholder. Sportsbooks set their odds to attract market action. They don’t like being severely over- or under-priced in relation to the market as a whole. Just like any other bet, betting volume and other factors can have a direct impact on the numbers. For bettors, the answer is to shop around and compare the odds prior to placing your bet.

When studying NFL player props, you’ll see some with just two or three choices to consider, and others with multiple options. For the former, the odds are similar to a standard pregame wager.

  • Total rushing and receiving yards for Saquon Barkley
    • Over 98.5 (-110)
    • Under 98.5 (-110)

For the standard yardage prop, the odds for the two possible choices will often be similar or identical, but there can also be bigger variances if a clear favorite emerges. As for multi-sided props, there will be odds for a number of players, such as an anytime TD scorer prop for an upcoming game:

The players who are more likely to score will have lower odds, and the numbers will rise dramatically as you go down the depth chart. The returns can be great when you make the right bet, but you should never base a wager solely on the potential return.

As for fairness, the numbers you see are what the market will bear, so it’s up to you to determine if the risk-to-return ratio is worth it. Once again, you can always compare prices and offerings across the industry to find your personal comfort level.

Which NFL player props attract the most action?

You’ll find a plethora of options to explore for each NFL game, but some player props attract more bets than others. Here are three that typically do well during the average NFL week:

  • Anytime TD scorer: Pick the players you think will find paydirt.
  • Yardage over/unders: There are over/unders for QBs and all of the skill position players to make every yard gained mean something.
  • TD doubles: Bet on a player to score a TD and for his team to win the game for a chance at enhanced returns.

All NFL games generate significant amounts of revenue for online sportsbooks. The same holds true for the top player props on the board. Following the crowd to get in on the action can be fun, but there are other options for those who want to mix it up even more.

Under-the-radar NFL player props

For every NFL game, there are plays that generate headlines and other game-changers that get less notice. It’s the same story with props. Here are three that may not receive as much love from the public, but they still can be fun to bet on:

  • First, last, multiple TDs: If you can take your TD projections and make them even more precise, these bets may be for you.
  • Defensive stats: Want to get even more excited for the big tackles and sacks for your favorite defenders? Be sure to check out the over/under options for defenders.
  • Attempts, completions, receptions: Yardage and TDs move the needle in fantasy and prop circles, but you can also bet on these numbers.

One of the great things about betting on the NFL is that there’s a break between the weekly slates. That leaves plenty of time for research and scouring the odds board. For NFL player props, there are gems to find each week.

Rules for NFL props at legal NY sportsbooks

Legal online sportsbooks provide clear-cut rules for the placement and settlement of bets, as well as any circumstances that may impact wagers. You’ll find a dedicated section at many books and info in the help or FAQ sections elsewhere. For NFL player props, here are some key points to remember:

  • If a player is ruled out prior to kickoff, the book will void any props involving that player. For players who are injured during the game or fail to see much action despite suiting up, bets will settle as normal.
  • All bets will use official game data and statistics. This means that you won’t be able to dispute something simply because you disagree with it, such as a penalty that prevents your chosen player from hitting a prop benchmark.
  • A change in venue, delay in start time or shifting of a game to later in the NFL week will not have any impact on wagers. However, a game that is canceled or postponed to later in the season will lead to voided bets.

Many house rules are of the simple variety, while others go more in-depth to address unusual circumstances that may come up. It’s on you as a bettor to know what’s what wherever you play, so be sure to take the time to review the rules. A few minutes of time can save you from some unnecessary surprises down the road.

Examples of NFL player prop bets

While prop bets are simple to place at legal online sportsbooks, it can still take some time to get up to speed. For starters, it’s helpful to know what’s on the menu. As you try different props, you’ll get to the point of knowing what works best for you and your strategy. Let’s look at a pair of examples, beginning with a simple over/under:

For this bet, the goal is to decide whether Mac Jones will have more or less than 202.5 passing yards during the game. The odds are pretty tight, with the over being a slight favorite. To win back $100, you’d have to place a wager of $115 at odds of -115 and $110 at -110.

Next, let’s consider a prop with multiple options. One of the most popular props for NFL games is which players will get in the end zone. The odds board at DraftKings may look like this:

If we look at the odds for the anytime scorer, the players who tend to receive a lot of targets and touches are typically at the top of the listing. In this case, Harris and Diggs both have odds of +150 to score at some point during the game. If you bet $100 on either and they managed to do so, you’d get back $150 in profit.

How to find success with NFL prop betting

There’s a learning curve to navigate before you can find consistent success with betting on NFL player props. It’ll be a little bit shorter for those who have some experience with playing fantasy sports, but there are still some nuances to consider with prop betting. Here are some tips to help you on your way:

  • Know your matchups: Star players won’t always produce, and role players can emerge out of nowhere to have themselves a day. Such is life when it comes to projecting NFL player performances, but you can give yourself a leg up by diving into the matchups in full detail. Take the time to research how the game shapes up for the players you’re interested in and be realistic with their chances of success.   
  • Study stats produced and allowed: How a player has performed on a season-long basis and in recent games can give you a ballpark of what to expect. When you compare that to what teams tend to allow to that position, you may be onto something. While there are no guarantees, pinpointing the most favorable matchups can be a difference-maker.
  • Use pregame odds to project the game: If you know the spread and total, then you can do some quick calculations to get an estimated score for both teams. You can also research the projections from sources that you trust. The goal is to have a reasonable expectation of scoring for the game. From there, you can further fine-tune your projections on what to expect from the players you’re interested in.

No matter how much you may know the NFL game and its players, finding consistent success with any type of wagering takes some doing. Those who are willing to put in the effort will have the best chance of doing so.

The bottom line on NFL player props 

The NFL is the biggest game in town at legal online sportsbooks in New York. Player props are one of the most popular choices for betting. You can bet on various game situations, such as the over/under on how many passing yards a QB will get or which players will find the end zone.

There are props with two choices and others with a range of options. As always, the odds won’t be exactly the same at every sportsbook. You can — and should — take the time to shop around and compare the odds and offerings before placing your bets.

As with any other bet, any experience that you bring to the table can help. That said, it can still take some time to be successful, if it ever happens. At the end of the day, player prop bets can be lots of fun. The potential is there for solid returns, as well, so they can be a solid addition to your overall NFL betting strategy.

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