Super Bowl MVP Odds

Super Bowl MVP odds see some of the heaviest wagering for the big game. Why? The Super Bowl MVP goes to the consensus best player in the NFL’s biggest game, and all NFL bettors love to think they know who it’ll be.

If Tom Brady is in the game, betting on him may be a good idea. He’s won it a record five times, after all. But what if Brady and the Bucs aren’t in the Super Bowl? Here’s a look at the latest NFL Super Bowl MVP odds and betting trends to keep in mind.

Super Bowl MVP odds for 2022

Check the latest Super Bowl MVP odds with real-time data from online sportsbooks in New York. These odds will be live once the Super Bowl matchup is set. Check real-time Super Bowl game odds here.

Best Super Bowl MVP betting app

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draftkings app njDraftKings also is among the sportsbooks with the most NFL betting odds available, including live Simplebet micro-markets available during the Super Bowl. Finally, DraftKings will offer a variety of Super Bowl odds boosts and promos, including for betting on the Super Bowl MVP award.

How are Super Bowl MVP odds set?

Oddsmakers look at two specific things when setting Super Bowl MVP odds:

  • Each player’s realistic chances of winning it.
  • How likely the public is to bet on that player winning it.

They come up with the probability of each and set the odds accordingly.

Since a QB has won 30 MVP awards in 55 Super Bowls, oddsmakers almost always start with the two starting QBs. The starting QB on the team that’s favored to win the Super Bowl will almost always be the favorite to win the MVP. Particularly if he’s a big name who’s won a Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP or NFL MVP previously.

The lone exceptions are heavy favorites that rely almost exclusively on the defense to win, or teams that run the ball a lot. Star running backs and, in rare cases, standout defensive players can be the Super Bowl MVP favorites.

Next, you’ve got the underdog QB and the top skill players, including running backs and receivers. The better the player, the lower the odds, with true skill position superstars who have made noise in the playoffs leading up to the Super Bowl offering the lowest of the low odds.

It is difficult to predict when the Super Bowl MVP winner will come from the defensive side of the ball. It’s only happened seven times. When it does happen, it’s often a defensive star on a team that has relied heavily on the defense to win all year. Or, a player who has an outstanding game with multiple interceptions or fumble recoveries and possibly even scores.

Predicting that kind of performance is almost impossible, which is why the sportsbook odds remain long on most defensive players.

Live betting on Super Bowl MVP winner

The live Super Bowl MVP market can be a lively one, as the odds change alongside the action in the game. The odds will shrink on a QB with every TD toss, especially if he looks to be leading his team to a blowout win. They’ll also tighten on a running back if it’s clear he is grinding his team to a win or when a receiver is having an outstanding and clearly impactful game.

In a close game, the odds to win Super Bowl MVP will shift around with every score, turnover or big play. They’ll contract on players putting together big statistical days and widen on those who are seemingly out of it. Just be aware that things can hinge on one big play in a tight game, and the Super Bowl MVP could end up being the player who makes that play. Predicting who that will be is going to prove difficult and can be the difference between winning big in the Super Bowl MVP prop betting market and not.

Super Bowl MVP betting trends

Here are nine Super Bowl MVP facts and trends to consider when thinking about your bets:

  1. In 55 Super Bowls, 30 of the MVPs have been quarterbacks.
  2. Seven of the past 10 Super Bowl MVPs have been QBs.
  3. Only seven Super Bowl MVPs have been defensive players.
  4. Two of the past 10 Super Bowl MVPs have been defensive players.
  5. The last running back to win the Super Bowl MVP was Denver Broncos RB Terrell Davis at Super Bowl XXXII in 1998.
  6. Wide receivers have won three of the past 20 Super Bowl MVPs, including, most recently, New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman at Super Bowl LIII in 2019.
  7. Sixteen of the past 20 Super Bowl MVPs were responsible for at least one touchdown.
  8. Of the four Super Bowl MVPs in the past 20 who did not score, two were wide receivers and two were defensive players.
  9. Only one QB has won the Super Bowl MVP in the past 10 Super Bowls without throwing multiple TD passes: New York Giants QB Eli Manning won the MVP at Super Bowl XLVI in 2012 with just one touchdown pass.

Other popular Super Bowl props

There will be no shortage of Super Bowl odds available at New York sportsbooks beyond betting on the MVP. Here are some examples of Super Bowl props you could be able to bet on:

  • Coin flip
  • National anthem length (generally only as it relates to something in the actual game)
  • QB passing yards, passing TDs, completions, pass attempts, interceptions, TDs, vs. passing yards, to throw for 300 yards or more?
  • Receiver yards, TDs
  • Running back yards, TDs, to rush for 100 yards or more?
  • Total QB sacks
  • Winning margin
  • First TD scorer
  • Total points being odd or even
  • Highest scoring quarter
  • Highest scoring half
  • First team to 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35
  • Team to score last
  • First team to score to win
  • First score outcome
  • First timeout
  • Total team points
  • Team first half totals
  • Gatorade color on winning coach
  • MVP position

Super Bowl MVP FAQ

A panel of 16 writers and broadcasters will vote on who wins the Super Bowl MVP. Plus, fans can vote electronically. Media ballots count for 80%, and the public counts for the other 20%.

QB Tom Brady has won a record five Super Bowl MVPs, including last season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It should come as no surprise, then, that the New England Patriots have won the most Super Bowl MVP awards, as Brady won four with the Pats, and they have a total of six.

Von Miller winning the MVP for Super Bowl 50 may be the most controversial pick in recent years. He was dominant defensively with 2.5 sacks, but he did not score, get an interception or recover a fumble. Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman also didn’t score when he won the MVP of Super Bowl LIII. On the other hand, Edelman’s 10 catches for 141 yards were MVP-like numbers.

Tom Brady was truly dominant, going 37-of-50 for 328 yards and four TDs in winning the Super Bowl XLIX MVP. Peyton Manning was much less convincing, throwing for 247 yards and just 1 TD to win the award as an Indianapolis Colt in Super Bowl XLI.

If you wait for a Super Bowl MVP candidate to separate himself from the pack during the game, you’re going to have to lay a big number to win a small one. The truth is, it’s probably best to bet on your favorites as soon as the Super Bowl matchup is set. For most players, the odds will never be better … unless the eventual Super Bowl MVP winner has a terrible first half, driving the odds down, and is then responsible for a massive comeback in the second half.

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