Bet on NHL Player Props

The New York Rangers and Islanders have an incredibly testy rivalry for bragging rights in the city that never sleeps, while the Buffalo Sabres reside in one of the best hockey towns in the nation.

The rise of mobile betting apps in New York will bring interest in the NHL to even higher levels across the state. There are plenty of local games to bet on all season long, but the betting action doesn’t end with who’s going to win or lose.

Player props give you a chance to focus on the game within the game. If you’ve ever played fantasy sports, these bets may seem familiar. If you haven’t, no worries. Our complete guide to NHL player props in NY will help you get up to speed in no time.

Today’s NHL Player Props

Search any NHL player below to see their current prop odds. Click on any odds to go directly to the sportsbook, claim the posted bonus, and get started.

Which legal NY sportsbooks have the best NHL player props?

NHL player props are available at all the top legal online sportsbooks in NY. Hit the link to create an account, claim the sportsbook bonus bet and get your props in night after night.

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How many props are there for the NHL?

To start with, what’s a prop bet? Essentially, props provide you with a slew of betting options for an individual game. They go much further than which team will win or lose or how many goals the teams will combine to score.

A prop can be a wager on the game as a whole, such as whether it will go to overtime. It can also be a bet on the performance of one of the teams, such as the total number of shots or penalties for each side.

At legal online sportsbooks, player props are among the most popular options for NHL bettors. These are bets on the accomplishments of individual players. There’s generally an abundance to choose from for each game.

Where can I find NHL player props online?

Player props are available at all of the top online sportsbooks. That said, some do better than others. Here’s what the best legal online sportsbooks in New York offer for NHL player props:

  • DraftKings App: If you want to see all of the props available for an entire slate of NHL games on one screen, DraftKings is the book to visit regularly.
  • Caesars App: There are always plenty of odds boosts on NHL games and props on the Caesars betting app. The easy-to-use platform is a plus, as well.
  • FanDuel App: You’ll have plenty of individual NHL player props to choose from on the FanDuel app, and you can even tie some together in same-game parlays.
  • BetMGM App: You’ll find all of the NHL player props that you could ask for in a slick package. Keep an eye out for special promos on marquee games.
  • PointsBet App: Competitive odds, different ways to wager and a slew of player props for each NHL game are among the calling cards at the PointsBet sports app.
  • BetRivers App: Want to see the latest NHL stats and player injury news without having to hunt around? It’s available at the BetRivers app, along with various player props.

How do you place an NHL player prop bet?

The top online sportsbooks are pretty user-friendly. As a result, it should be easy to place NHL player props or any other type of wager. To find what you want to bet on, you can click on sport-specific links. Once you do, the main betting lobby will automatically populate with all of the upcoming games for that sport.

For example, at BetMGM, there’s a clickable NHL icon on the top menu, as well as a hockey link on the menu of available sports. After you click it, all of the upcoming games will be there for you to choose from.

To start with, you’ll see the main pregame bets. If you look to the lower right of each individual game, you’ll see a clickable “all wagers” link. When you click it, you’ll see all of the other available betting options, including props.

This feature isn’t unique to BetMGM. Other online sportsbooks in New York will have something similar for you to click. Doing so is how you’ll find all of the available props for a game, as well as alternate lines. When you’re ready to bet, just click the odds for your choice.

After you add in your stake, check everything to ensure that it’s correct before placing your bet. The book will display your potential return right there on the slip. There are also online odds calculators that you can use.

Once everything looks good, you’ll click submit to place the bet. From there, it’ll appear in the open bets section of your account. Bets settle quickly, so you’ll get any winnings right away if your bet is correct.

Odds for NHL player prop bets

The odds for player prop bets will vary based on the wager itself. There are NHL player props with two options, such as an over/under bet on the number of points a player will score. And there are props with multiple options, like the player to score the first goal in a game.

The former is a basic two-sided prop. You’ll see plenty of bets like this for your average NHL game. The odds may be similar to what you would see in a simple moneyline bet.

  • How many total points will Mika Zibanejad get?
    • Over 0.5 (-170)
    • Under 0.5 (+135)

For this bet, the negative number on the over indicates that oddsmakers view his chances of notching at least a point to be pretty good. They’re not as confident that he’ll be shut out. As a result, you can get pretty favorable odds if you think that’s going to happen.

Just like a moneyline wager, the tighter the range between the odds, the closer the call is. It’s possible to see an over/under with an even split of -110 on both sides or a big difference like -235/+180.

There also are props with multiple choices to consider. Here’s what the board looks like for goal-scorer props at DraftKings.

The listing is similar to what you would find in the futures market, such as the odds on which team will win the next Stanley Cup. When there are multiple choices to consider, the board will typically be in descending order with the favorites at the top.

For player props and any other NHL bet, it’s important to remember that not all sportsbooks will have the same odds. You can always shop around to find the best prices before placing your bets.

Odds can change due to market action, news of something that could impact the contest, or simply by the feelings of the oddsmakers. Before you place your bets, take the time to line shop and compare the odds from multiple books.

Top NHL player prop betting options

Props for NHL players will mainly revolve around offense. Unlike other sports, there are only a few flashy stats on the scoresheet at the end of the game. The following player props tend to be some of the most popular with bettors:

  • Anytime scorer: Bet on a player or players to score a goal at any time during the course of the game.
  • Player assists: Typically appearing as an over/under bet for various players, with the line at 0.5.
  • Total points: Also an over/under, but the line can sometimes be as high as 1.5 points for the game’s elite players.

All of the above are likely to appear prominently in the player props section for each NHL game. There are plenty of options for each contest, including other props to explore for those who are looking for something different.

Other NHL player props

While the more popular props aren’t necessarily easy to win consistently, you can ramp up the difficulty level — and the potential returns — with other NHL player props. Here are some options:

  • First or last scorer: Go beyond the anytime goals and bet on who will score the first or last goal of the game.
  • Power play points: Generally appearing as an over/under bet for the players who tend to see the most time on power play units.
  • Shots on goal: How many times will a star player direct the biscuit toward the basket? Generally an over/under bet.
  • Goalie saves or shutouts: Goaltenders deserve some love, too. You can place your bets on how well they’ll perform in the game.
  • Doubles: You can wager on pairs of players to score a goal or bet on a single player to score plus that player’s team to win the game.

For those new to NHL player props, the best advice is to start with the most popular options and see if you find any success. If you make that happen, dig deeper into the menu and see if you can do the same with some of the more challenging options.

What are the house rules for NHL player props?

Online sportsbooks will have rules for the bets that you can place. Many will have a dedicated section for house rules, while others will have info in the FAQ section. For NHL player props, here are some key rules to know:

  • Sportsbooks settle all prop bets based on official league data and statistics.
  • If a player is a scratch prior to a game, books will generally pull prop bets on that player off the board.
  • Injuries and playing time will not be considered in the settlement of wagers.

Bettors are responsible for knowing the rules, so be sure to take some time to review them so you don’t get blindsided down the road. For another tip, if you’re ever iffy on the status of a player heading into a game, take a pass and don’t speculate.

Examples of NHL player props

No matter how you bet on sports, taking some losses comes with the territory. However, you can shorten the learning curve by practicing with smaller dollar amounts — or even paper trading — until you get the hang of things. To further understand NHL player props, let’s walk through a couple of examples.

For this bet, you simply have to decide whether Chris Kreider will record a point during the game. If you choose the over and he goes on to get a goal or an assist, you’re golden. However, if he fails to get a point, you’ll lose your bet.

As for payouts, you’d have to bet $132 at odds of -132 to get back $100 on a winning bet. At odds of +108, a $100 bet would return $108 in profit if it ended up being correct. Next up, let’s consider a multiple-choice prop from the same game.

Let’s say that you’re trying to identify who will score the game’s first goal. It’s a tall task to do so, but the odds will put you in line for a nice payday if you are correct. Unsurprisingly, the most favorable odds are for the biggest offensive threats on the Blueshirts.

As you go further down the list, the numbers pop up even further. For example, let’s say that you think Kaapo Kakko will break through and make some noise. If he goes on to do so, a simple $10 bet could return a profit of $140 at odds of +1400.

Once again, remember that you can always start small and build up in stakes if your success rate increases. It’s much better to take lumps with a small portion of your bankroll as opposed to having to hit the deposit button over and over again.

Finding an edge with NHL player props 

When betting on sports, there’s certainly a place for gut feelings or instincts. If you have a good handle on a sport or how a team is playing, you may be able to make some reasonable calls that are simply based on what you know.

However, the most likely scenarios don’t always come to pass. As a result, you need to balance out what you know with some stone-cold facts and research. Here are some tips on how you can make that happen:

  • Playing time: Players who are on the ice more will naturally have more opportunities. However, remember to consider their roles while examining the time-on-ice stats. For example, a bruising defender may be getting 20 minutes per game without taking any shots, while a third-line speedster could frequently be launching it at the net while taking fewer shifts.
  • Streaks, trends and history: Throughout the lengthy season, players will go through hot and cold spells. If that’s happening, it’s something to factor into your betting. In addition, make a note of any trends and history for the matchup at hand. There are players who tend to do well against some opponents but not others, for instance.
  • Recent play and season-long output: The numbers may not tell the whole story, but they often can give you a good idea. It’s much easier to project the performance of players who are consistently producing as opposed to those who simply don’t contribute much on offense. When choosing the players to focus on, whittle the field down by season-long stats and then do so once again based on current streaks.

Key takeaways on NHL player props

Betting on NHL games can be fun, but you may be able to ratchet the excitement up even further by taking chances with some player props. These will be available at all the online sportsbooks in the state, so you should have plenty of options.

As with any other type of betting, there are no guarantees. That said, those who are willing to put in some effort may find success with betting on NHL player props.

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