Buffalo Bills Injury Report: Week 4 Updates and Latest News

Find the official Buffalo Bills injury report for the 2022 NFL season.

Each week, we will present you with updated 2022 Bills injury reports, as well as those from each opponent throughout the season.

The official Week 4 Bills injury report has started to come out, but we already knew some news surrounding several key players. To begin with, Buffalo placed S Micah Hyde on the injured reserve list after suffering a neck injury in Week 2. The secondary thinned more when CB Christian Benford was sidelined with a fractured hand in last week’s loss to the Miami Dolphins. And OT Tommy Doyle will be out for the season after tearing his ACL in Week 3.

On a lighter note, Bills coach Sean McDermott said that QB Josh Allen, who underwent X-rays on his throwing hand after the loss, is “fine, other than soreness overall.”

Check back here throughout the week to see which players might be sidelined for Sunday’s game.

Week 4 Buffalo Bills injury report

The Buffalo Bills Week 4 injury report features a number of key players, including several wide receivers and offensive linemen. Check back here as the game gets closer for any updates.

PlayerInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame Status
DT Ed OliverAnkleLimited participationLimited participationUnspecified
TE Dawson KnoxBack/hipLimited participationLimited participationUnspecified
DT Jordan PhillipsHamstringDid not participateDid not participateUnspecified
FS Jordan PoyerFootLimited participationLimited participationUnspecified
OG Ryan BatesConcussionDid not participateLimited participationUnspecified
CB Christian BenfordHandDid not participateDid not participateUnspecified
WR Gabe DavisAnkleLimited participationDid not participateUnspecified
OT Dion DawkinsIllnessDid not participateFull participationUnspecified
CB Dane JacksonNeckLimited participationLimited participationUnspecified
WR Jake KumerowAnkleDid not participateDid not participateUnspecified
CB Cam LewisForearm/kneeLimited participationLimited participationUnspecified
OLB Von MillerVet restDid not participate---Unspecified
C Mitch MorseElbowLimited participationLimited participationUnspecified
OT Justin MurrayFootLimited participationLimited participationUnspecified
OG Rodger SaffoldVet restDid not participate---Unspecified

Week 4: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens

Despite being on the road, the Week 4 Buffalo Bills betting odds favor the visiting Bills, per NY online sportsbooks. Shop around the various markets below to find your bet of choice in Buffalo’s road matchup against the Baltimore Ravens.

Ravens injury report for Week 4

As for the Ravens Week 4 injury report, here is a look at the practice reports. Check back here throughout the week for updates.

PlayerInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame Status
CB Jalyn Armour-DavisPersonalDid not participate---Unspecified
DE Calais CampbellRestDid not participate---Unspecified
RB JK DobbinsChestLimited participationFull participationUnspecified
OLB Justin HoustonGroinDid not participateDid not participateUnspecified
OT Patrick MekariAnkleDid not participateDid not participateUnspecified
CB Marcus PetersRest/kneeDid not participateFull participationUnspecified
NT Michael PierceBicepsDid not participate---Unspecified
WR James ProcheGroinFull participationFull participationUnspecified
OT Ronnie StanleyAnkleFull participationFull participationUnspecified

2022 Buffalo Bills injury reports

Take a look at the timeline of Bills injury reports throughout the 2022 season.

Week 3: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

The Buffalo Bills Week 3 injury report was released with the Bills on the road and odds in their favor. Yet Miami had the last laugh with a 21-19 win that handed Buffalo its first loss of the season.

PlayerInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame Status
WR Gabe DavisAnkleLimited participationLimited participationLimited participationQuestionable
S Micah HydeNeckDid not participateDid not participateDid not participateOut
CB Dane JacksonNeckDid not participateDid not participateDid not participateOut
CB Cam LewisForearmFull participationFull participationUnspecified
TE Dawson KnoxFootDid not participateLimited participationQuestionable
LB Matt MilanoNeckFull participationFull participationUnspecified
C Mitch MorseElbowLimited participationLimited participationQuestionable
DT Ed OliverAnkleLimited participationLimited participationOut
DT Jordan PhillipsHamstringDid not participateDid not participateOut
S Jordan PoyerFootLimited participationDid not participateLimited participationQuestionable
DT Tim SettleCalfLimited participationLimited participationQuestionable
FB Reggie GilliamElbow---Full participationUnspecified
WR Stefon DiggsVet rest------Did not participateUnspecified
RB Taiwan JonesVet rest---Did not participate---Unspecified

Dolphins injury report for Week 3

As for the Miami Dolphins, here were the players on the Week 3 injury report. Check back here throughout the week for updates.

PlayerInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame Status
OT Terron ArmsteadToeDid not participateDid not participateDid not participateQuestionable
TE Cethan CarterConcussionDid not participateDid not participateDid not participateOut
CB Xavien HowardGroinDid not participateLimited participationLimited participationQuestionable
LB Melvin IngramVet restDid not participate---------
TE Hunter LongAnkleDid not participateDid not participateDid not participateOut
LB Channing TindallIllnessLimited participationFull participationFull participation---
WR Ced WilsonRibs/toeLimited participationLimited participationLimited participationQuestionable
TE Tanner ConnerKneeFull participationFull participationFull participation---
DT Raekwon DavisKneeFull participationLimited participationLimited participationQuestionable
FB Alec IngoldShoulderFull participationFull participationFull participation---

Week 2: Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills

Week 2 Buffalo Bills betting odds heavily favored the Bills in their home opener. Buffalo lived up to that standard, as the Bills ran away with a 41-7 victory. Here’s how the Buffalo Bills Week 2 injury report looked head of the Monday Night Football game.

PlayerInjuryThursdayFridaySaturdayGame Status
OT Tommy DoyleFootFull participationFull participationFull participationOut
CB Dane JacksonKneeDid not participateDid not participateFull participationQuestionable
TE Quintin MorrisHamstringFull participationFull participationFull participationUnspecified
DT Ed OliverAnkleDid not participateDid not participateDid not participateOut
DT Tim SettleCalfDid not participateDid not participateLimited participationOut
WR Gabe DavisAnkle------Limited participationOut
WR Stefon DiggsVet rest------Limited participationUnspecified

Titans injury report for Week 2

And take a look at the Tennessee Titans Week 2 injury report.

PlayerInjuryThursdayFridaySaturdayGame Status
CB Kristian FultonHamstringDid not participateDid not participateDid not participateOut
RB Dontrell HilliardHamstringDid not participateDid not participateDid not participateOut
WR Kyle PhilipsShoulderDid not participateLimited participationLimited participationQuestionable
LB Ola AdeniyiNeckLimited participationLimited participationLimited participation---
C Ben JonesNot injury relatedLimited participationFull participationFull participation---
OT Jamarco JonesElbowLimited participationDid not participateDid not participateOut
OT Taylor LewanKneeLimited participationFull participationFull participation---
OT Dillon RadunzNeckLimited participationLimited participationLimited participation---
CB Lonnie JohnsonGroinFull participationFull participationFull participation---
OG Nate DavisKnee---Did not participateFull participation---

Week 1: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Rams

Week 1 Buffalo Bills betting odds favored the Bills, according to online sportsbooks in New York. And Buffalo came through with a 31-10 victory on the road. Here’s how that the Buffalo Bills Week 1 injury report looked heading into that game.

PlayerInjuryPractice StatusGame Status
OT Tommy DoyleFootFull participationQuestionable
WR Isaiah McKenzieGroinFull participationUnspecified
TE Quintin MorrisHamstringLimited participationQuestionable
FS Jordan PoyerElbowFull participationUnspecified
DT Tim SettleCalfFull participationUnspecified
WR Stefon DiggsVet restUnspecified

Rams injury report for Week 1

As for the Los Angeles Rams, here’s how their Week 1 shook out for Thursday Night Football.

PlayerInjuryPractice StatusGame Status
WR Van JeffersonKneeDid not participateOut

How NFL injury reports impact NFL betting

Obviously, injuries will have an impact on any given game, especially to key players.

For example, if Bills QB Josh Allen gets sidelined with an injury, Buffalo won’t have that dynamic playmaker calling the shots. In theory, that Bills offense becomes less effective and powerful. Of course, the lower tier the player (franchise player to vital position player to back-up), the less direct impact that injury could have on the game’s outcome.

In that same vein, injuries can also affect the NFL betting odds. Going back to the previous example, Allen going down could result in a 3- or even 6-point swing in the point spread, depending on the replacement quarterback. At other positions, there might not be much of a shift in the spread. That is, unless a cluster of injuries at one position occurs. Then you might see more movement.

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