Best Sports Betting Apps in NY

New York legalized sports betting through a 2013 referendum. However, its sports gambling market didn’t officially become legal until the US Supreme Court lifted a federal ban (PASPA) in 2018.

New Yorkers can wager at land-based sportsbooks on mobile devices.

Bettors can place bets through your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in New York. Mobile gambling offers a convenient advantage that land-based sportsbooks will never match.

Common features of NY betting apps

All New York sports betting apps will differ from each other in some aspects. However, they also share comparable features.

These similarities include everything from the operating system they run on to the types of bets offered. You can see more on what to expect from New York mobile sportsbooks below.

Android and iOS compatibility

NY betting apps support the two major mobile operating systems – Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad). You won’t have any trouble placing bets in this market as long as your device runs one of these systems.

Wide range of markets

The New York sports gambling market covers a large variety of professional and collegiate sports. You can look forward to betting on the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA basketball, NCAA football, and more.

Plenty of different bet types

Moneylines are by far the most common type of wager in New York and beyond. These straight-up bets require you to select the winner of a given contest, with odds differing for the favorite and underdog.

You can also look forward to plenty of bets beyond moneylines in the Empire State. Here are different types of wagers available to NY mobile gamblers:

  • Point spread — Teams must cover an assigned amount of points rather than just win the game.
  • Totals (over/under) — This bet involves choosing whether two teams’ combined score will be over or under a given total.
  • Parlay — A wager that requires choosing two or more outcomes. Every outcome must win to produce a successful bet.
  • Futures — These bets involve selecting a team to win a division, conference, or championship.
  • Prop bet — This wager is based on a proposition that’s not directly related to who wins a game.


New York betting laws don’t cover surrounding states. Therefore, you must be within state boundaries to legally place bets.

NY online sportsbooks use geolocation software to determine your location. This technology ensures that you’re in the state and can make valid wagers.

Geolocation can occasionally mess up and show that you’re outside of NY when you’re not. However, it’s generally accurate and shouldn’t cause you any troubles as long as you’re within state boundaries.

Variety of NY betting deposit methods

Your options for depositing at New York mobile sportsbooks vary based on the specific bookmaker. However, the industry as a whole offers many banking options.

You’ll enjoy access to major credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and bank transfers. You can even make deposits in person at casinos or racetracks (a.k.a. cash at the cage).

Visa and MasterCard are by far the most popular ways to deposit at NY betting sites. Most New Yorkers use one or both of these credit cards.

Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill are also commonly used to fund accounts. These e-wallets are great because they can easily double as both deposit and withdrawal methods.

Smooth interface

Not all NY betting sites are created equal in terms of interfaces. However, you can expect smooth navigation and clean design at these sites.

Every online bookmaker in the state realizes that they must offer a great user experience to keep customers. This is especially true in New York due to the heavy competition.

Getting started with NY betting apps

If you’re already experienced with mobile sports betting, then you shouldn’t have a problem getting started in New York. The state’s online sportsbooks work just like any others throughout the world.

However, you may need a hand in the beginning if you’re completely new to mobile wagering. The following steps will help you quickly set up your account and start placing bets.

Download an app — or not

The first step to betting at NY sites involves downloading an app. Bookmakers prominently display relevant download buttons on their homepages.

Most New York betting sites offer apps for both Android and iOS users.

Keep in mind that not all mobile sportsbooks feature apps; some run directly through web browsers via HTML5.

Complete the registration process

Regardless of whether you must download an app, you’ll need to sign up at your chosen sportsbook. This process, which involves filling out requested details, should only take a few moments.

Here is some common information that you’ll need to provide:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Username
  • Password
  • Social security number (proof of identification)
  • Bonus code (if applicable)


Upon filling all the fields, you’ll need to agree to the site’s terms and conditions. After this, your account should be quickly approved.

Make a deposit

As discussed earlier, the NY market offers plenty of deposit options.

The exact banking method you choose may depend on your situation. If you don’t own a valid bank account, for example, then you may need to deposit directly at a cage.

Alternatively, you may not believe in using credit cards due to the interest. In this case, you can fund your account via an e-wallet or bank transfer.

You should also consider the speed at which each method works. Credit and debit cards are the fastest options for depositing, while bank transfers are typically the slowest.

Earn a NY online betting bonus

Many New York betting sites offer welcome bonuses. These offers can consist of a free bet, deposit bonus, or even both.

No matter which type of bonus you pursue, you should read the terms and conditions (T&Cs) beforehand. The T&Cs explain what you need to do before you can withdraw the bonus money.

Here are some important terms to keep in mind:

  • Rollover — You need to wager your bonus a specific number of times (e.g., 10x).
  • Claim requirement — There is a time limit for claiming a bonus after depositing.
  • Rollover time constraint — You’re given a limited amount of time (e.g., 60 days) to meet rollover.
  • Minimum odds — All bets must be at specific odds (e.g., -160) or higher to qualify.
  • Max wager — Your wagers can only be up to a certain amount (e.g., $50) when you clear your bonus.
  • Markets — Some bonuses are only available for specific markets, like the NBA or NHL.

Benefits of Using New York mobile sportsbooks

The obvious advantage of using a New York sports betting app over visiting a land-based sportsbook is convenience. You can make bets from your home, during your work break, or at any other time.

However, convenience isn’t the only benefit of using these apps. Below, you can see several other perks of wagering through a mobile device.

Regulated market

Most of the US doesn’t enjoy access to a regulated online betting market. They must instead use shady offshore bookmakers, which are based in other countries and are under very little oversight.

In contrast, the New York online betting industry is regulated by the State Gaming Commission. This organization provides various services to make sure that gamblers are treated fairly.

One of the State Gaming Commission’s primary roles is to vet applicants. Any company that applies for a NY betting license is thoroughly scrutinized by the commission.

The oversight doesn’t end after licenses are issued. Companies must follow the stated laws or risk heavy fines.

The same protections don’t exist for those gambling with offshore bookmakers. These unregulated sites can steal customers’ money and close down with little-to-no recourse.

Plenty of bonuses available

Not every betting app in New York offers a welcome bonus. However, you’ll find many sites that do.

These deals can inject your bankroll with extra funds once you meet the terms and conditions. The majority of NY sports gambling sites impose light T&Cs compared to the industry.

Access to lots of markets

Earlier, we covered how New York online bookmakers are great at covering different markets. You’ll have no trouble finding lines for major professional and collegiate sports.

You can also find action for plenty of less-heralded markets, such as auto racing, boxing, golf, mixed martial arts, and volleyball.

No need to worry about screen size

Many online casino and poker players complain about their smartphone screen when playing games. These complaints are understandable as some gamblers have trouble seeing intricate details while playing.

Mobile sports betting is different, though, because the visual details aren’t as important. Bettors don’t play a live-action game like online poker or slots. Instead, they use the website to find their desired wagers.

As long as you can quickly find the right bets, the screen size doesn’t matter.

Loyalty rewards

Some NY internet bookmakers offer loyalty programs that allow you to accumulate rewards. You simply need to choose a betting site that offers one of these programs to capitalize.

Your real money wagers will be tracked by the site and rewarded accordingly. Many land-based sportsbooks don’t offer such programs.

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