MLB Player Props

From the opening day of the regular season to the last out of the World Series, sports bettors have Major League Baseball to lean on. There are MLB games just about every day, and legal online sportsbooks are always on standby with odds and lines.

Player props can help bring the excitement of MLB games to a new level. See below for how you can get started with baseball player prop betting in NY including today’s latest MLB props straight from NY online sportsbooks.

Today’s MLB Player Props

Search any MLB player below to see their current prop odds. Click on any odds to go directly to the sportsbook, claim the posted NY sportsbook bonus, and get started.

Top legal NY sportsbooks for MLB prop betting

The lengthy season brings plenty of MLB betting options to consider. Check today’s top prop odds across all MLB games at the sportsbooks listed below.

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What props are available for MLB?

For every MLB game, you’ll find additional wagers that go beyond the main pregame bets. When you click on a game listing, you’ll find all of the alternate lines for the game, as well as the prop bets. Props will generally fall into three main categories:

  • Game: Props about specific game circumstances, such as whether the game will go to extra innings.
  • Team: Based on the performance of a team. For example, how many hits plus runs plus errors for one of the two sides.
  • Player: Bet on the accomplishments of an individual player for that game.

In general, there will be a solid selection available for the first two categories, but even more for the third. For the remainder of this page, we’ll be focusing exclusively on player props.

Where can you find MLB prop bets online?

MLB player props are available at all of the legal online sportsbooks in New York, though they may vary by site. Here are the top spots to check out:

  • Caesars NY: The sportsbook has been going out of its way to announce its arrival as a top place to play, and the hype is well warranted. Caesars betting app has you covered for all of your MLB betting needs, with competitive odds and regular promos.
  • FanDuel NY: One of the most popular sportsbooks in the industry, the FanDuel sports app is a go-to spot for MLB player props for scores of bettors. There’s also a great single-game parlay feature that lets you put together selections with ease.
  • PointsBet NY: The Australia-based company has become a big deal on our shores. PointsBet NY prioritizes competitive lines and also offers its intriguing PointsBetting feature. You’ll find plenty of prop bets here.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook: You’ll find all of the MLB bets that you could ask for, including some interesting props that likely aren’t available elsewhere.
  • DraftKings NY: Slick tech is one of the calling cards of the DraftKings sports app. For props, what stands out is the clean listing of all available options for each game.
  • BetRivers NY: This is another super slick site. BetRivers sportsbook also offers some distinct props, and it’s all laid out cleanly on a platform that’s easy to use.

How to find MLB prop bets in your sportsbook app

When you visit an online sportsbook and click on the MLB or baseball tab, all of the upcoming games will appear. A standard game listing will look something like this:

MoneylineRun LineTotal
New York Mets+110+1.5 (-150)Over 8.5 (-110)
New York Yankees-130-1.5 (+120)Under 8.5 (-8.5)

Those are the odds for the main pregame bets, but there’s much more to see. You can click on an individual game listing to see all of the other available bets for that specific contest. There will be alternate lines, game and team props, and player prop options.

Some sites do an excellent job of listing all of the available options by game, including DraftKings and FanDuel. As a general rule, you’ll see a good deal of options for each game on the schedule, especially when it comes to betting on top players.

When you find what you want, you simply click on the odds to add that wager to your betting slip. From there, just add in how much you want to bet, confirm that everything is good to go, and place the bet. You’ll see the potential return right on the slip, and it’ll move over to the open bets section of your account so you can follow along.

MLB prop betting odds explained

Prop bet odds will vary based on the wager itself. Additionally, the odds won’t be the same everywhere, and not every sportsbook will be offering the exact same props for each game. For bettors, the answer is to shop around and find the best odds prior to placing your bet.

When scrolling through the prop betting menu, you’ll see a number of props with just two choices to make, and others that cover a wider range of choices. Beginning with the former, here’s what the odds might look like:

  • How many total hits for Aaron Judge?
    • Over 1.5 -115
    • Under 1.5 -105

For the two-sided props, the odds will often be in a tight range on both sides, similar to what you would see in a standard over/under bet. At times, there will be a wider disparity in the numbers if there’s one side that’s the clear favorite.

There are also plenty of props with a range of choices, such as who will record the first hit in the game. If the Mets were getting ready to take on the Atlanta Braves, here’s what the odds might look like for the players at the top of the lineups.

  • Player to record first hit for Mets vs. Braves
    • Ronald Acuna Jr. +100
    • Brandon Nimmo +105
    • Ozzie Albies +115
    • Francisco Lindor +120
    • Freddie Freeman +135
    • Pete Alonso +145

As you get further down the list of options, the odds rise accordingly. While that opens the door to some potentially lucrative returns, remember that the risk rises along with the odds. You should be placing bets based on your confidence level and not solely based on how much you stand to win if everything breaks your way.

Best MLB player props to bet on

There are plenty of player props to choose from, but some tend to attract more attention than others. Here are three of the most popular when betting on baseball players:

  • Hits plus walks: Pick the over or under for an individual player’s total for the game.
  • Home runs: Can you figure out when a player is likely to go yard? You can bet on who you think will do so.
  • Strikeouts: Pitchers also get plenty of love on the prop side. You can choose the over/under on a benchmark number of Ks.

The average MLB slate is pretty busy. That translates into lots of props to consider and analyze. Make a list of the ones you like, and focus your research there. Afterward, pick your spots and place the bets you feel best about.

Other MLB player props

When you’re watching a game, homers and strikeouts tend to generate a lot of fan excitement. To that end, many bettors may focus on those props. If you dig a little deeper, there are several additional options that bring even more of a strategy component into play:

  • Total bases: Along the lines of hits plus walks, but this one asks for a hitter’s total bases for the game.
  • Innings pitched: How deep will the pitcher go into the game?
  • Runs scored or batted in: Have a good feeling on an RBI or a player crossing the plate?

As with any other form of betting, there are no sure things when it comes to MLB prop betting. That said, it is possible to dig in and come up with some realistic estimates of the most likely outcomes if you do the research.

Sportsbook rules for MLB player props

For every wager at legal online sportsbooks, there are rules for you to follow. Many are straightforward, but others may cover unusual circumstances that could pop up. For MLB player props, here are a few to know:

  • If a player is ruled out prior to a game starting, sportsbooks likely will take any relevant prop bets for that athlete off the board.
  • Books will consider bets to be live once the first pitch is in the books.
  • All bets will use official game data and statistics to decide the result. Sportsbooks will not entertain disputes on rulings that you disagree with.

It’s the responsibility of players to know and understand the rules wherever they play. By taking the time to review the house rules, you can limit the number of unexpected surprises that you’ll have to deal with moving forward.

MLB player prop bet examples

Before diving into any bet, make sure that you have a good handle on how it works. Consider the following two examples for baseball player prop bets:

  • How many total strikeouts for Jacob deGrom?
    • Over 7.5 -112
    • Under 7.5 -108

Whenever Jacob deGrom takes the mound, it’s a must-see game. For this example, the sportsbook has set a benchmark number of Ks that he’ll get. If he fans eight batters or more, over bettors win, while under bettors are hoping for seven whiffs or fewer.

  • Player to hit a home run during the game:
    • Aaron Judge +150
    • Pete Alonso +155
    • Giancarlo Stanton +165
    • Joey Gallo +170

For multiple-choice props such as this one, there will be odds for all the players who will be in the lineup. At the top of the board will be the favorites, which in this case are the top power hitters from a fictitious Subway Series matchup.

You can bet on a single player and call it a day, or spread out the risk with multiple bets and budget accordingly. The positive odds mean you could be in line for some solid winnings, provided your bet is correct. As always, that’s easier said than done.

MLB prop betting strategy

Success with player props comes down to much more than following the game and having feelings on which players are due for big games. Those two factors can certainly help, but here are three additional tips to consider:

  • Know your lineups: MLB lineups can be pretty consistent for stretches of time, but they won’t always be the same. When the lineup cards come out, use the remaining time to make your final decisions on player props for the day. It can be pretty frustrating to have one of your wagers leave the board due to someone not playing.
  • Study pitcher vs. batter/team history: The MLB season consists of a lot of games, and these games leave behind a treasure trove of data. Outside of when it’s a rookie making his MLB debut, you’ll be able to dig into the track record of pitchers versus opponents. This is helpful not only for gleaning insight on how well the pitcher may perform but also with how the hitters he will be facing may fare.
  • Use game totals as a guide for offense: A quick glance at the main pregame line can help you pinpoint the games that sportsbooks expect to be high- or low-scoring. For a simple guideline, when the total is 7.0 runs or lower, it might be a good time to focus on pitcher props for that contest. And if you see 8.5 runs or more, there may be some solid opportunities for hitters to make some noise.

What to remember about MLB player props

Player props will be available for every MLB game. They’re entertaining wagers that give you additional rooting interests while also providing more chances to potentially win. Props share a lot in common with fantasy sports, so those who have experience with DFS or season-long fantasy leagues can jump into sports betting with a natural entry point. For those who are starting from scratch, it doesn’t take a ton of time to get up to speed.

Winning consistently can take some doing, but those who stay the course and put in the work can be rewarded. If you love baseball or are looking for ways to expand your horizons, player props can be an excellent focal point.

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