Masters Betting Odds

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The Masters is one of four majors on the PGA Tour, but arguably the most prestigious of them all.

Many legends of the sport have donned the prestigious green jacket through the years. The Masters is one of the top sporting events of the year, and betting interest only continues to grow.

Betting on golf isn’t too tricky; we’ll show you how on this page to get your bets lined up for the next Masters.

Masters betting odds

Odds for the Masters are available well in advance of the first drive. As the Masters approaches, bets will start to come in quickly on a few favorites to win it all and shrink their payouts accordingly. Check our live odds feed to take see the latest odds posted at top NY online sportsbooks. Click on any odds to go directly to the online sportsbook, use a bonus code to get your promo and get your Masters bets in.

How to bet on the Masters online in NY

Legal sports betting is available in New York, and you’ll find online several sports betting apps to choose from. You can bet on the Masters directly from your computer or mobile device. For this example, we’ll use DraftKings in NY.

draftkings app njHere’s how you do it:

  • Use one of our links to head to the sign-up page for the sportsbook of your choice.
  • Enter all of the required information and check off some boxes along the way. Click submit to create your account instantly.
  • Afterward, download the sportsbook app for your phone directly from the sportsbook website and log in for the first time.
  • Fund your account by making a deposit from the available methods, and then get familiar with how everything is laid out.

You can complete the setup and management of your account entirely at your convenience in New York with no need to visit a retail sportsbook unless you want to. When it’s time to bet on the Masters, you’ll have to be within the borders of the state. Geolocation tracking allows sportsbooks to verify locations, so bets won’t go through if you aren’t there.

Masters betting explained

Before the Masters gets underway, you can place your bets via the futures market on the outright winner of the tournament. We’ll have some details on how that works in a bit. That’s far from the only way to get involved, as there are a number of ways to wager on the Masters and golf in general. Here’s a look at the most popular options.

Outright winner

You have to pick the golfer who will win the tournament. It’s tough to hit, but the returns can be fruitful.

To win the Masters odds you might see:

  • Dustin Johnson +700
  • Jon Rahm +900
  • Justin Thomas +1100

Top finishers

These are bets on a golfer to place well without necessarily winning, such as top five, 10 or 20.

Eg. To place in the top 10 at the Masters:

  • Rory McIlroy +150
  • Brooks Koepka +175
  • Bryson DeChambeau +200

Round leaders

You can take a day-by-day view of the tournament by placing bets on who will have the best individual round.

Eg. Leader after round two:

  • Dustin Johnson +250
  • Brooks Koepka +300
  • Tony Finau +350


This is the golf version of a moneyline bet, with the sportsbook pairing two golfers for you to choose from.

  • Jordan Spieth +105
  • Tyrrell Hatton -115


Sportsbooks will also make groups of three or four golfers. You can try to pick the top performer from the group.

  • Collin Morikawa +130
  • Patrick Cantlay +140
  • Justin Rose +150


Proposition bets are side wagers during the tournament, such as whether there will be a hole in one or the nationality of the winning golfer.

Will there be a hole in one at the Masters?

  • Yes +200
  • No -300

Live betting

Once the Masters gets underway, you can wager in real time with new odds on the outcome and props.

What will Dustin Johnson card on this hole?

  • Eagle or better +120
  • Birdie -105
  • Par -125
  • Bogey or worse +140

If you’re new to golf betting, it’s a good idea to focus on a couple of bets to learn with and expand from there. For example, you can place a few bets on golfers to win and then pick out some head-to-head matchups. As your experience level grows, you can branch out into additional areas.

New York odds vs. Vegas odds for Masters

Not too long ago, there was no question on where you could find the best sports betting odds. The answer was out in Las Vegas, a recognized top spot for sports betting. Sin City had legal US sports betting on lockdown for some time, and the sportsbooks out in the desert are still moving the needle on the odds and lines front.

However, things have changed in the new legal environment. Sportsbooks in legal states are no slouches on the odds front. The numbers they release are right in range with what the overall market will support, and they stack up quite nicely with what you’ll find out west.

Due to variances in betting action, there’s no way that every shop will have the same numbers on a game. You can line shop to find the best odds, and also compare them to the numbers out of Vegas for reference. After you do that enough times, you’ll clearly see that the Masters betting lines and odds here at home tend to be on point.

Online sportsbook rules for golf betting

When you place bets at a sportsbook, there are rules that you’ll need to follow. Many of them are very straightforward and cover the basics, while others dig deeper than that and tackle the unforeseen circumstances that may only come up on occasion. For golf betting, here are some of the top points to remember.

  • If the Masters Tournament is pushed to a later date, futures bets will remain active. In the event of a complete cancellation, sportsbooks will void and refund wagers.
  • Sportsbooks will settle bets based on official data and statistics from the event and will not entertain disputes on those calls.
  • Bets on golfers who withdraw prior to the event will be voided. Once a golfer puts a ball in play, sportsbooks consider bets on that golfer to be action.

That covers the basics at most books, but still take the time to review the rules. Areas to focus on include the minimum number of rounds for completed events and what happens when a player gets injured or disqualified. If there’s not a dedicated house rules section where you play, check out the help and FAQ sections for clarity.

Why you should stick to legal online sportsbooks

While legal options abound for sports betting these days, the black market of gambling hasn’t exactly withered up and gone away. There are still a number of offshore sportsbooks that will take your business. That doesn’t make them viable options. Quite simply, you’re putting your funds at risk unnecessarily by doing so.

In order for a sportsbook to receive a green light in a legal state, it has to go through an extensive and often costly application process. It’s on the hook for tax revenue from that point and has to answer to state gambling authorities that make sure everything remains above board. Your funds will be protected as a result.

At offshore sites, there are no protections in place. There’s nothing preventing them from closing up shop with nary a word. It’s happened in the past, and customers were left with no recourse as a result. Don’t let that happen to you. Bet on the Masters at legal betting sites and call it a day.

Understanding golf odds

Odds for golf tournaments come out well in advance of the event. In the case of the Masters and other majors, the futures market stays live all year round. When the tournament approaches, lines will come out for all of the other bets. For the head-to-head matchups, you’ll see listings that look something like this online, such as at the WynnBet New York sportsbook:

  • Tony Finau +125
  • Dustin Johnson -115

These work like a moneyline bet — you simply have to pick which one you think will perform the best. The odds will be negative for the favorite and positive for the underdog. A wide gap between the numbers indicates a clear favorite, while a close span points to a toss-up. Returns will be based on the odds — i.e., $125 back on a $100 wager at +125, wager $115 for a chance to win $100 at -115.

Bets with multiple selections will have odds listed for all of the available choices. For example, a few favorites to finish in the top 10 may look like this:

  • Jon Rahm +130
  • Justin Thomas +160
  • Xander Schauffele +190

You place your bets by clicking on the odds for your selection. From there, add your wager type, verify that all looks good and click submit. The sportsbook will display your potential return based on your bet amount. For bets like this, odds are available for all golfers in the field. Smaller multiple-choice bets like props or groups will have odds just for the possible selections.

Masters dates, time & broadcast schedule

Due to changes in the PGA calendar, the 2020 Masters got bumped from its normal spot up to November. The 2021 edition returned to its normal spring timeframe. Defending champion Dustin Johnson, who blitzed the soft November greens to a 20 under par score didn’t even make the cut in 2021.

Japan’s Hideki Matusyama took the 2021 green jacket at just -10 under par. What’s in store for next year? Expect a star-laden field as always and the same old “tradition unlike any other.” Here are some more key details:

  • When: April 4-10, 2022
  • Where: Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, Georgia
  • Course: Par 72, 7,768 yards
  • Prize pool: $11.5 million in 2021
  • Winner’s share: $2,070,000 in 2021
  • 2021 winner: Hideki Matsuyama, -10

CBS and ESPN are the broadcast homes for the Masters, and you can expect to see ancillary coverage throughout the family of networks and related mobile properties. You can pick up CBS with a simple digital antenna in many spots. The broadcast giant is also available on a slew of cable, streaming and satellite packages, as is ESPN.

To pick up the mobile feed, you can download the CBS Sports or ESPN apps for iOS or Android. Note that signing in will likely be required, but the benefit is additional coverage that you can’t pick up on the television. ESPN is slated to handle the first two rounds on TV, while CBS takes over hosting duties for the weekend.

Who won the Masters last year?

Looking back over the last few years of winners, many of the sport’s top names make an appearance. The memorable win by Woods in 2019 was a huge highlight, as was the playoff finish in 2017. Here are the recent winners and runners-up at the Masters.

YearWinnerTo ParRunner-UpTo ParPurse1st Place
2021 H. Matsuyama-10Will Zalatoris-9$11.5M$2.07M
2020 D. Johnson-20Sung-Jae, C. Smith-15$11.5M$2.07M
2019T. Woods-13D. Johnson, Koepka, Schauffele-12$11.5M$2.07M
2018P. Reed-15R. Fowler-14$11.0M$1.98M
2017S. Garcia-9J. Rose (playoff)-9$11.0M$1.98M
2016D. Willett-5Spieth, Westwood-2$10.0M$1.8M

Betting tips for Masters Tournament

For starters, you can approach the Masters like you would any other golf tournament. You’ll want to know who’s hot and not and what the weather looks like, and shop around for the best odds, for example. Beyond that, you’ll want to dig even deeper for one of the signature events of the tour season. Here are some US Masters golf betting tips that can help.

  • Know your Masters history: The Masters takes place on the same course each year, so there’s a treasure trove of data to consider. Beyond how the golfers may fare on the course, there’s also the matter of how they’ll perform when the spotlight shines the brightest. If you’re not considering how golfers have fared here in the past, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Current form and performance in tune-up events: Heading into the Masters, some golfers have just finished a run of tune-ups, while others have been more active for the season to date. In both cases, a look back at how they’ve fared of late can provide some solid clues on what may be to come.
  • Study track records in major tournaments: Performance on the Masters stage is important, but go beyond that and see how your targets have done in the four majors as a whole. As a quick example, if a player has broken through elsewhere but not at Augusta as of yet, try to figure out why and whether that may change or continue.

When attempting to learn the ropes in any new sport, it can take some time to get up to speed. The good news is that there are plenty of other PGA events to wager on throughout the year, so you can practice and hone your skills. Before too long, you’ll be ready to jump in for the Masters and any other tour stop on the docket.

Brief history of the Masters

The first Masters took place in 1934. Horton Smith won the first edition with a score of -4, which just outpaced runner-up Craig Wood at -3. Hideki Matsuyama will be looking to join the ranks of multiple winners.

  • 6 — Jack Nicklaus
  • 5 — Tiger Woods
  • 4 — Arnold Palmer
  • 3 — Jimmy Demaret, Sam Snead, Gary Player, Nick Faldo, Phil Mickelson
  • 2 — nine golfers

Just three golfers have managed to win the green jacket in successive years: Jack Nicklaus in 1965-66, Nick Faldo in 1989-90 and Tiger Woods in 2001-02. While the defending champ is always among the favorites, he’ll certainly have his work cut out to join the ranks of the sport’s legends. As always, the Masters field will be completely loaded with serious contenders.

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