Draft.com DFS Review 2018

DRAFT DFS review & promo code 2018

UPDATE: Draft.com has merged with FanDuel. Existing Draft users may receive a 10% transfer bonus of up to $500 by creating a FanDuel account and merging their accounts. Draft contests as described below are expected to be integrated in FanDuel sometime in 2020. Until then, we encourage you to check all that is on offer at FanDuel.

For fantasy players looking for an alternative to DraftKings and FanDuel, the DRAFT Daily Fantasy App may be your answer. The app is available to residents in 40 US states and all of Canada.

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DRAFT daily fantasy app on your phone

DRAFT is known for their mobile application. It is available in the iTunes app store and the Google Play store for Android mobile users. From the iTunes and Google Play app description “Compete in live snake drafts for real money against other people. Each draft takes just minutes to complete and leagues pay out every day of the season.”

With nearly 4,000 reviews, the iTunes DRAFT app currently has a 4.9/5.0 star rating.

With over 4,000 reviews, the Google Play DRAFT app currently has a 4.5/5.0 star rating.

Contest types

H2H Drafts: Head to Head contests at DRAFT are in the classic snake draft format. This means that the pick order is reversed each round. If you have the 1st pick in round 1, you will have the last pick in round 2. Public H2H drafts have a 30-second pick clock. Private H2H drafts can also choose an untimed option. Untimed drafts are placed “on the clock” within an hour of the start of games. Payouts are winner take all.

Multiplayer Drafts: Multiplayer drafts are also snake drafts. This means that the pick order is reversed each round. If you have the 1st pick in round 1, you will have the last pick in round 2. Each person in the draft will have 30 seconds per pick to select their player. Drafts with 2 to 5 participants are winner take all, but drafts with more than 6 participants have payouts that vary.

NFL Best Ball: With DRAFT’s NFL Best Ball players only focus on the best part of season-long fantasy football, the draft. Players draft an 18 player team and they’re done. Each week, your top scoring players automatically start and will count toward your season total. The team with the most points at the end of the season wins. No setting your lineup. No waivers. No trades.

Dream Team: In DRAFT Dream Team, you select any 5 players that you think will score the most points that day/night. There are no salary caps or monetary restrictions on player selections. Players are not removed from the player pool if another user selects them. Players are restricted positionally based on the requirements set forth in that sport.

Tournaments: In Tournaments DRAFT allows you to play multiple rounds of drafts for bigger prizes. Each round of drafts is between 2 and 12 people in size. Winners advance to the next round. Tournament drafts run at a scheduled time. Tournament entry closes 10 minutes before the start of the scheduled first round draft.

Brackets and seeds are created randomly when the tournament fills or 10 minutes before the draft. If the tournament is not guaranteed and doesn’t fill, it won’t run and all entrants will be refunded their entry fee.

Guaranteed Drafts: DRAFT contests with a ‘Guaranteed’ flag label will run even if they do not fill up. This means if there is a 100 person dream team contest with only 75 entries at the start of games, the contest will still run and the payouts will still be based upon entry fees of 100 players.

Expert Drafts: Expert drafts are designated in the DRAFT lobby by a tag that reads ‘Expert’. Expert drafts are designed by DRAFT to be more skillful by removing the top projected players at each position. The number of removed players is outlined on the screen when you join the draft.

Sports available

  • NFL: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 pass catchers
  • NBA: 2 guards, 2 forwards, 1 center
  • MLB: 2 pitchers, 3 hitters
  • NHL: 1 goalie, 1 defenseman, 3 forwards
  • Golf: 5 golfers

DRAFT daily fantasy app gameplay features

Player swap: At DRAFT, you can swap players after they have been drafted. In order for a player to be swap eligible, they must have had an active status at the time you drafted them which then changed to an inactive status. When you have a swap eligible player, you’ll be notified via push notification on your DRAFT app. Click swap on the completed or live screen next to that player and you will be able to select from all undrafted players. When swapping players, the positions must match and the swap must be completed before the start of the game in which the player is playing. All player swaps are final.

Postponed games: If a player’s game is postponed after their scheduled start time, they will become swappable. This is the only circumstance where a player becomes swappable after the game start time.

Private drafts: For DRAFT creating private drafts and following friends is only available on the iOS and Android mobile apps right now. Players can create a draft and invite friends, followers, and anyone on DRAFT. Customize your draft by sport, game slate, draft size, entry amount, and more. The draft will appear in their featured lobby for them to join.

Beginner games: In DRAFT some $1 drafts in the lobby are only available to beginner players. A beginner player is someone who has entered less than 20 drafts in one sport or 50 drafts overall.

Experienced players: DRAFT players with a black shield over their avatar have entered 500 total drafts OR have played 6+ drafts AND Won $2500 or more are labeled experienced. DRAFT Players with a red shield over their avatar have entered 1000 drafts OR won 4+ $1000+ prize drafts are labeled highly experienced.

Deposits and withdrawals with DRAFT daily fantasy app

Players can withdraw their money at any time through the DRAFT app or website if your balance is $10 or above. Players can request your withdrawal through PayPal or by check. DRAFT processes all withdrawals within 48 hours. Checks take 7-14 days to be delivered.

DRAFT players are limited to 5 withdrawals per month. More than that may be subject to a $5 charge per withdrawal.

States not permitted to use DRAFT daily fantasy app

If you are physically located in Arizona, Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Hawaii, Alabama, and all countries other than the United States of America or Canada, you cannot deposit or play DRAFT with real money.

Why play on DRAFT daily fantasy app?

What sets DRAFT apart from the two biggest DFS sites is its mobile app layout and the user-friendly appeal to casual players. DRAFT was designed for the ability to pick and play quickly. When you open the app, drafts take only 2 to 5 minutes to complete. Simplicity and the amount of time it takes to construct a team is what set DRAFT apart from its competitors.


The DRAFT Daily Fantasy App is built all around the joy of drafting your team in fantasy. True to its namesake, DRAFT has one of the best of mobile applications in all of fantasy sports. For DFS players looking for a different, draft-centric approach the DRAFT Daily Fantasy App and their wide choices of contests is a must play for everyone.

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