Best NY Free Spins at Casino Slots for 2024

Those who love to play slots either at online casinos or in person love to earn free spins. After all, the next best thing to winning money at slots is winning free chances to spin again.

Here’s an overview of the different free spins casino bonuses available in New York and elsewhere. Read on to learn about how and where to win free spins and what it means when you do.

What are free spins at online casinos?

Free spins are a frequently featured component of online slots. Sometimes they are awarded during regular play, giving players extra chances to win. Free spins at casinos are often earned in other ways, too, including as a welcome bonus when signing up for an account or as a reward when making a deposit.

Free spin offers are great for many reasons, not least because they allow players to test out different slots without risking any money. If you win money with your free spins, you might get it immediately or have to satisfy another requirement to claim it. You might also be able to receive slots free spins as part of a site’s ongoing promotions or as a perk that comes from a loyalty rewards program.

However you earn them, free spins offer an essentially zero-risk way to win at slots.

Why do casinos offer free spins?

Like with any promotion or bonus offer, free spins give online casinos a way to attract players and keep them playing on the site. The offer of free spins can encourage a new player to sign up and keep a current player playing.

Free spins also benefit casinos by encouraging players to try out different slots and increase their overall familiarity with what the site offers. Sometimes free spins are associated with one particular slot and can be played only on that game.

Expected NY online casinos with free spin bonuses

New York has yet to legalize online casinos, but the state may well do so in the near future. When that date comes, you can expect certain operators to launch in NY, including those that already have online sportsbooks in New York and those that operate online casinos in nearby New Jersey.

All of these prospective New York online casinos strongly feature slots, as well as online roulette and blackjack games. In fact, you’ll find they all have free slots spins among their bonuses and promotions. Here’s a quick look at five online casinos likely to come to New York—each featuring free spin bonuses.

BetMGM Casino

BetMGM Casino is a popular choice among online casino players, not least because of its frequent bonuses and promotions. Several of these promotions involve free spins. Promos involving free spins have included the Coin Flip promotion in which you flip a coin one time each day and earn a chance at 10 free spins plus bonus money. There are also frequent free spins giveaways with which you can receive 30 free spins on a featured slot.

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Free spins at BetMGM

BetRivers Casino

You’ll also find a number of promotions at BetRivers Casino, another favorite site that features hundreds of slots. Most of the site’s promos do not involve free spins. However, BetRivers Casino has a loyalty program that does allow you to redeem iRush Rewards points for free spins.

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Free spins at BetRivers

Caesars Casino

Caesars Casino is another popular online casino that sometimes includes free spins among its bonuses and promotions. You’ll also find that Caesars offers a no deposit bonus that works very much like free spins. It gives you money with which to try out the games without requiring you to deposit first.

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Free spins at Caesars

DraftKings Casino

DraftKings Casino has a nice selection of slots as well as numerous promotions for new and returning players. The site doesn’t offer too many promos involving free spins, but keep your eye out as they can come around. DraftKings Casino does have a rewards program through which you can earn free play on the site using DK Dollars or by redeeming DraftKings Crowns.

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Free spins at DraftKings

FanDuel Casino

FanDuel Casino is a great choice for slots players in that it sometimes offers free spins. The site has long run an ongoing promotion called the FanDuel Casino Reward Machine whereby players receive three free spins per day just for logging into their account. The site also offers free bet credits as part of its welcome offer. This enables players to try out slots and other games for free.

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Free spins at FanDuel

Note that all of these casinos also feature particular slots that have free spins built into their gameplay. In other words, while you’re playing, you may win free spins to go along with whatever money you win while playing the game.

How to pick your free spins bonus

Not all free spins bonuses are equal. Some are much more generous and attractive than others. Here are a few things to consider as you decide whether a free spins bonus is appealing.

  1. Number of free spins: Receiving more free spins is better than fewer free spins, right? If you’ve ever played slots, you know it doesn’t take very long to burn through 50 or 100 spins. Take note of just how many free spins you’re getting as a bonus.
  2. Game restrictions: Sometimes a free spins bonus will come with game-specific restrictions. Make a note of that as well, as it could be the free spins can be used only on a game you aren’t interested in playing.
  3. Time restrictions: In some cases, a free spins bonus is good only for a certain time period, such as the next 24 or 48 hours or the next seven days. Welcome offers often work this way. Note the time window, or else you risk the spins expiring.
  4. Playthrough requirements: Free spins bonuses often come with playthrough requirements, i.e., how many times you need to bet (or spin) before any winnings are withdrawable. See below for more about playthrough requirements and how to evaluate them. Pay attention to how long you have to satisfy the playthrough requirement (e.g, a week, 30 days, 60 days).

How to claim your free spins casino bonus

Usually, free spins can be claimed in a couple of different ways. If the online casino is offering free spins as part of a welcome offer, you will sometimes automatically receive the free spins as soon as you are finished registering. In some cases, though, you may have to enter a casino bonus code at the time you register the account in order to receive the free spins.

Other free spins promotions will occasionally require you to opt in as a requirement to receive them. That usually means clicking a button or ticking a box indicating that you’d like to receive the free spins.

Once you’ve claimed your free spins, you can typically see them listed with your other account info. You’ll be able to use them right away the next time you play online slots in NY.

Types of free spin bonuses

There are different types of free spins bonuses that online casinos offer. Here are just a couple of different types you might see at online free spins casinos:

No deposit free spin bonuses

When online casinos offer a no deposit free spin bonus, they are inviting you to sign up for an account and try the games without making any deposit at all (hence, the bonus is “no deposit”).

Sometimes these come in the form of a certain number of free spins (e.g., 100 free spins). They can also be in the form of money, with the amounts usually relatively small, starting at around $5 or $10 and going up to $30 or even as high as $50 or $60. In the latter case, you are being given that money to go play games on the site: slots, table games, video poker or whatever else is available.

Note that if you win money with these free spins, you might have to fulfill a playthrough requirement before you can claim your winnings.

Traditional free spin bonuses

You might receive online casino free spins as a bonus when you make a regular deposit. You might also earn them as a reward through a site’s loyalty program. What’s more, they could come as part of a daily free spins offer—a small perk just for logging on and playing.

Many times with traditional free spin bonuses, the number of spins is fixed. Sometimes you must use them on a particular slot or game. As with free spins no deposit bonuses , you might also have to satisfy a playthrough requirement in order to collect winnings earned from the free spins.

Understanding playthrough requirements

Playthrough requirements (aka, “wagering requirements”) are conditions that online casinos place on bonuses, including free spins. The requirements come in many forms. But in all cases, you must satisfy certain conditions before the bonus gets “unlocked” and fully available for you to bet with or withdraw.

Let’s say you get a $100 deposit bonus, but there is a 10x playthrough requirement. That means you have to wager 10 times the amount of the bonus in order to receive it. In this case, that means wagering $1,000 before you actually get the $100 bonus.

With free spins, playthrough requirements work a little differently, always applying to the winnings you earn (if any) with those spins. In other words, you get the free spins and use them however you like. Then, if you happen to win money with the spins, that money might go into a different, designated account and remain there until you fulfill the playthrough requirement, at which point it gets transferred to your main account.

Also, note how long you have to satisfy any playthrough requirement. Sometimes you can take as long as you want, but other times you’ll find you have to fulfill the requirement within a certain period (e.g., 30 days), or else you lose the bonus.

Calculating the wager amount

Calculating how much you have to wager to satisfy a playthrough requirement is easy. The formula goes like this:

  • Winnings from free spins x playthrough requirement number = required wagering amount 

Let’s say you sign up with a new online casino and are given 100 free spins. The terms and conditions state that any money you win with those spins is subject to a 20x playthrough requirement. You use your 100 spins and end up winning $30. However, in order to receive the $30 and be able either to play with it or withdraw it, you must first wager $30 x 20 = $600 on the site.

Playthrough requirements can be difficult or simple to clear. Obviously the lower the requirement, the easier it is to satisfy. For some players, a 20x playthrough requirement is no big deal if they are already going to be playing a lot on the site. But for others, that might not be the case, making the playthrough requirement too burdensome.

When you receive free spins, always be aware if any playthrough requirements are attached to your winnings.

Tips for getting the most out of free spin bonuses

Every online casino is different, and we all have our own favorite casino games and betting practices. When you receive a free spin bonus, you’ll no doubt want to use those spins in a way that suits your own style. Even so, here are some tips to consider to help you get the most out of them:

  • Use your free spins on slots with high RTP% (return to player percentages)
  • Use your free spins on multiple slots, including ones you haven’t tried before (if you are interested in becoming familiar with them)
  • Test out different slots strategies (bet more or less, or try new tactics you wouldn’t necessarily attempt when the spins aren’t free)
  • Consider playing the maximum number of paylines (thereby maximizing your chance of winning and also ensuring you’re eligible for jackpots)
  • Choose slots that feature bonus rounds (win more free spins with your free spins)

Are free spins available on mobile?

You can access most online casinos via your computer browser or by downloading a mobile app. The app versions of the sites typically play very similarly to the computer versions. The only real difference is a smaller screen.

Mobile app versions of casinos also typically feature the same promotions and bonuses as their web browser counterparts, including those involving free spins. In fact, you may find that certain free spins bonuses are exclusive to the mobile versions of online casinos.

Gamble responsibly

Generally speaking, who doesn’t love free spins bonuses and other “risk-free” offers? That said, don’t get too carried away and let these offers encourage you to gamble in ways you wouldn’t be comfortable doing otherwise. For example, a free spins bonus with an arduous playthrough requirement might actually lead you to spend more money than intended in order to clear that requirement.

In short, always practice responsible gambling. If needed, set limits on the amount of money or time you spend gambling. With free spins and any other offer, be aware of the terms and conditions attached to the offer. Make sure they fit within your comfort zone.

Get free spins for casinos in New York

Keep an eye out for free spins whenever you play slots at online casinos, including looking for free spins at NY online casinos when they arrive. Pay attention to whether bonuses or promotions include free spins and, of course, when you play a particular slot, find out whether you can win free spins within the game.

NY free spins FAQs

BetMGM Casino and FanDuel Casino both often feature daily free spins for players. Additionally, social and sweepstakes casino sites often offer them to players, with daily spins becoming available whenever you log on for the first time each day.

There are many different ways to earn free spins when playing slots at online casinos. You can get them as bonuses or through various promotions. You can also earn them within certain slots as a reward for hitting certain lines. You can additionally receive free spins at some sites when participating in the online casino’s loyalty program.

Online casinos frequently change their bonuses and promotions, so the answer to this question changes depending on when you ask it. BetMGM Casino often has promotions involving free spins, whereas other online casinos don’t offer them as frequently. Meanwhile, DraftKings Casino has a generous no deposit bonus for NY that is effectively like a free spins bonus. It can be used to play slots (among other games).

Whenever you are considering joining an online casino or logging back into your account, check the site’s current promotions to see if there are any involving free spins.

Incidentally, slots players also often pay attention to which games offer a lot of free spins. For example, the IGT slot game Cleopatra has a feature that involves certain combos triggering a free spins bonus round that makes the game a favorite for some players.

Yes, you can win real money by playing online slots using free spins. If you do win but discover you can’t withdraw the money right away, you probably have to satisfy a playthrough requirement first. Always be sure to read the terms and conditions for any online casino bonus or promotion, including those involving free spins, in order to find out how to claim your bonus.

Typically at online casinos, free spins are associated only with slots play. You can sometimes earn free credits that can be used either to play slots or other table games. Understand, though, that if you receive free spins as a bonus they generally have to be used on slots, and occasionally on a particular game.

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